Top 10 Java Books Every Developer Should Read



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      • avatar tejas sabunkar 1

        Java for dummies

        • avatar GoXR3Plus Studio 2

          John you found it , that *Oreilly's Java Books** smells really good i totally agree!!!!! It's like drugs for me to take a deep breath from the next page as i am moving to the next one so i really feel every word.

          • avatar Zoerab Tchahkiev 1

            Can you tell me what keyboard you're using? I really need my arms to look like yours 😮

            • avatar Mahmoud Maghrabi 1

              Hi, John What about "Introduction to Java Programming A Comprehensive Edition

              • avatar lokesh reddy 2

                thanks…could u upload java tutorials…?

                • avatar Michelle Sanctuary 0

                  hello John. So nice to see those uploads, more java materials are always welcome! Thanks a lot!

                  • avatar Pratik Ghadge 1

                    please tell for php

                    • avatar Jared Blackburn 2

                      The books that most helped me improve my Java skills were not even about Java — they all assumed C++ was being used: Game Programming Patterns (Robert Nystrom) and Algorithm Design Manual (Steve Skiena) especially come to mind. For Java features specifically I started with Java 2 In 21 Days, but learned more from Oracles tutorials and javadocs (though I ultimately learned far more by doing than reading.)

                      • avatar Mehmed Çavaş 1

                        i think the best one is the "how to program" series by deitel. best explained book with super good examples and a lot of them. didnt read the java version but the "world wide web and internet(html css js)" and "C how to program" were very very nice^^

                        • avatar KARTICK MANNA 0

                          Introduction to JAVA by Y Daniel Liang is one of the best book

                          you can get a free pdf on the internet. It is just awesome!!!!!!!!!!

                          • avatar Samatar Farah 1

                            What do you guys think of Murach books?

                            • avatar sakif7 1

                              lefties >>

                              • avatar Decibel 1

                                Atm I'm reading Java a begginers guide by Herbert SChildt, Sixth edition. Should I keep reading it, or drop it and read the complete reference?? I'm a begginer in java.

                                • avatar Blacky Ducky 1

                                  07:08 Did you transition from Java to C#? Or the other way around?

                                  • avatar Joshua Martinez 1

                                    for a programmer your arms are pretty big hmm. lol