Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms That You Must Try

In an era of social media and networking, online blogging and digital marketing have become very important. Blogging is actually loved by every one of us; it has put power into the hands of online users to publish their thoughts over the World Wide Web. For this, you don’t need to dig into the pool of technical or specific knowledge, if you are passionate about writing so you can start blogging whenever you want.

On the off-chance, you are looking for a right blogging platform, which will actually help you to build a career in this field. Don’t be confused. Here is a list of top 5 free blogging platforms that you must try. You will definitely fall in love with them and all these are perfect to give a kick-start to your blogging career.

WordPress: No doubt, that WordPress is the God of Blogging!!! This is one of the famous and highly appreciated blogging platforms used by countless bloggers in all over the globe. It is an open source platform, which offers an ample of room for beginners to divulge into more advanced tools and tricks of blogging.

Blogger: Another platform to start your journey is Blogger; the reason behind its success is that it works under Google control. So, if you are planning to start blogging today without spending too much money, then Blogger is the right place for you.

Tumblr: It is a mix of blogging platform as well as social networking, which is actually loved by most of the bloggers on this planet. Tumblr is absolutely free to set up and also known as a micro-blogging platform. The reason for its popularity is that it supports multiple text and media formats. And if you want to blog mostly from your smartphones, then Tumblr is the right choice for you.

Penzu: Without any doubt, this platform is loved by the bloggers just because of its versatility. Apart from other blogging platforms, its outstanding features have driven away many writers.

LiveJournal: You can also choose LiveJournal to start your blogging career; it has numerous social media features, which make it stand apart from other blogging platforms. More than 15 million people are using this platform, to create their own blog. LiveJournal allows you to blog in several languages, including English, Dutch, French, and German and so on.

Now you have many options to choose from. So what’s more, are you looking for? Pick a right platform as per your need and start blogging now.

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