Top 5 Reasons to use Linux



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    • avatar Shawn M 0

      There really is only one reason: Windows 10.

      • avatar Unknown Tc 2

        dont tell orally. not noce video

        • avatar Robertas S. 2

          No software. I can't play many steam games on Linux.

          • avatar Tyrion 1

            I love Mint, because I simply like the funcionality of Cinnamon, and the usability of the OS. It has all the Linux stuff, but it adds quite some comfort, like the option to install a .deb package with a double click, and adding a buttonto install dependencies(the other required packages, that are missing). or in the terminal: you type in a command wich you are missing the software package for. it doesn't say: "Dude, what the hell you talkin' about?", but "I couldn't find that command, because you are missing this package/there are these X packages that you might mean". I'm not using linux a 100%, because I love PC gaming, but I have running Linux next to Windows on all my machines. And of course I'm using a rooted android phone and tablet^^

            • avatar jertsulan poeka 1

              if u play games linux suck in that

              • avatar Hugh Mungus 2

                I'm here because of the new isp sellout bill … will Linux help with that ?

                • avatar Mike Aozora 0

                  can i instal 3ds max 2012, photosop, coreldraw etc in kali linux?……

                  • avatar gbvoul 1

                    Thumbs down for the Seahags hat.

                    • avatar SalCos 2


                      • avatar Friquido 2

                        litle late commenting on this video :D but awesome video man! :) you just earned a subscriber. Not cuz I'm a linux fanboy or something but I just really liked the way this was all put together (sorry english ain't my native language so I am not very good at putting my thoughts into words but I hope you get the point). Gotta check more of your channel out and with that said keep up videos as well done as this one and have a great day/week/month :)

                        • avatar Ink 1

                          I cant go back to windows 10 now I did the option not to delete the drive for win 10 but now it gives me a error to launch windows 10 I will miss my windows 10 unless i or someone else finds a solution for this no video worked (Tutorials)

                          • avatar msn140 2

                            yeah i love linux i hate windows or mac, Bash is awesome

                            • avatar thunderbolther 2

                              now you can rebuild the kernel without having to reboot with most of linux distros

                              • avatar will 1

                                linux is fucking TRASH

                                • avatar Hekmat Wise 2

                                  i bought used pc with this shit on it i dont have user name pass so i cant install anyshit i did order windows vista cd its not here yet so can i replace it with vista??

                                  • avatar Every Thing 2

                                    You look like do not know anything about Linux.
                                    Redhat is free, there is no paid Linux distro. No one can sell Linux it is free forever because of the GNU Linux under GPL license. You need to read GPL license before recording any video to talk about Linux

                                    • avatar tablet twist 1

                                      Arduino does not run Linux. It's a microcontroller.