Top Ten Most In-Demand Scripting Languages For Beginners

Scripting languages are intended to do the task automatically followed by calling or passing commands to external program that can be executed step by step by an operator. These languages are often light weight programming languages having less syntax often not well specified. Commonly scripting language are expected to be quick to learn and write in.

Use of Scripting Language:Works like a glue for the language componentsConfiguration and automation of complex softwareServer side and Client side web-scriptingEmbedded languagesTop 10 Scripting Languages:

1. JAVA: It is one of the top most platform for back-end programming for modern web-applications. Java is also the priority for developing native android applications for tablets and Smartphones.

2. JavaScript: JavaScript is used to make highly interactive and dynamic websites along with HTML and CSS. Further JavaScript can react with user inputs that HTML alone cannot such as individual keystrokes.

3. C#: The C# language is planned to be a basic, cutting edge, broadly useful, object-oriented programming language. The language is intended for use in creating programming elements suitable to be deployed in distributed environment. For a source code developer portability is the main focus especially who are familiar with C and C++.

4. PHP: It is a server side scripting language used for both web programming and as a general programming language. PHP is open source and embedded in HTML. One of the best part in PHP is it offers many advanced features for an expert software engineer. The code runs on server, resulting in HTML code which is then send to the client. The client would not be able to detect the PHP code.

5. AJAX: AJAX(Asynchronus JavaScript and XML). By this we can update a web page without reloading. It is a group of technology used with HTML and CSS for markup and styling.

6. Python: Python is high level programming language. It uses english keywords rather than punctuation. It supports multiple programming paradigms and procedural styles having large and standard library.

7. SQL: SQL is used to create databases. SQL consists of a data definition language and data manipulation language also includes procedural components.

8. RUBY: This is object oriented approach. In this variables unlike other languages hold address or reference to the objects.

9. Perl: Perl is especially made for the purpose of text processing. It runs on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Linux platform. Program written in Perl are called Perl scripts.

10. DOT NET: Dot net runs on windows operating system. It provides large tools an libraries to enable developers to create windows software fast and easier than ever.

Earlier C and C++ was the most dominant programming languages but drawbacks with these languages was that programmer have to manage memory by hand. It is compulsory to declare variables, and lots of compilation and error handling thereafter. Memory leak problem was also there.

Scripting language overcome all these problems reducing the memory usage by sharing one interpreter. Basically as the time passed the use of statically typed language ended and dynamic languages like Python, Ruby, Pearl increased because of advantage that their compiled time is zero. So, it is by all accounts a smart thought to watch out for languages like Python and Ruby. They are likely to grip importance in software development market.

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