Torch Roof – a warning story

Don't spend a dime on the roof of the torch before you read this warning story. Although the name and location have changed, this tragedy is common. It is like this…

When the homeowner was at work, two roofers installed a small flat roof on the balcony. Tear off smoothly. Sometimes there is some decaying wood to fix, but that's fine.

Then they started installing a new roof system. This type is often referred to as the "torch roof." The official name is "modified bitumen" [pronounced buy-TOO-men]. It is a rolled roof product consisting of a sturdy film embedded in a thick layer of asphalt. The rubber additive in the asphalt allows the roof to expand and contract, and other roofing systems have just cracked. The roof can be tightly bonded to the metal waterproofing board and moved with them while maintaining adhesion. This flexibility is a major advantage of modified asphalt and an important factor in its success.

Some types use adhesives, some types are self-adhesive, and some types are hot mops as cover sheets in a combined roof system. But it is the type of propane torch used, known as the "torch roof." It is also one of the most dangerous products in all roofing products…

One of the roofers was a little careless about the torch and began to smolder in the attic. They did not notice a small amount of smoke from the bulge vents. After the roofer went to lunch, the smoldering turned into a fire and spread quickly in the dry, dusty attic.

In the absence of anyone to go home, the fire was very good before the postman noticed the black smoke coming from behind the house. He called 911 and the fire truck arrived in a few minutes. But it is difficult for them to put out the fire because it is mainly contained in the attic. Finally, they cut a big hole in the roof so they could put a lot of water in the raging hell. In addition to the actual fire damage, they can also solve the fire, but not before the family victim smokes and receives water.

One of the neighbors called the homeowner. He rushed to the scene and found that she had a lovely home a few hours ago and is now almost destroyed. Around that time, the roofers came back from lunch… they had taken the pipes instead of the roof!

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