Touch of Class Band at Big Dog Vineyards

Touch of Class Band at Big Dog Vineyards
Doors open at 5:30
Food available: 7:00-9:00
Music 7:00-10:00

R&B, funk, oldies, and standards brought to you by everyone's favorite high-energy dance band! Put on your party clothes, pack your dancing shoes, and get your tickets early- this show is sure to sell out!

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Dinner available from the 333 Food Truck:
In 2011, 3 friends got together and created something unique to the bay area. 3 cuisines under one roof: Mexican, Korean, and Indian fusion was born! We offer 3 different protein choices from each of our cuisines and offer 3 different ways to enjoy them (tacos/burritos/rice bowls). Can you say versatility at your fingertips?

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Dinner is only guaranteed if purchased in advance, and advance purchase meals will get priority over day-of purchases.

at Big Dog Vineyards
4545 Felter Road
Milpitas, United States



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