Tower Defense Game – 7 tips to help you win tower defense games!

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I think you like to play tower defense games, just like me. You have encountered such a situation: You just started playing games, you started the current wave, seeing that all your towers have disappeared, but some enemies will still bring it to your base, only a little life is spared, but Is it just enough to make all your previous efforts useless? Oho, especially if your base doesn't have enough health, you have to start over, I know how it feels!

Ok, here are some tips to help you manage the situation and win more tower defense games. There are differences between games, but the advice you will receive is general.

  1. Towers that are farther away [usually the tower you provided at the beginning or some powerful but short-distance towers] are as close as possible to the turning point in the maze. Then they will continue to shoot for a long time.
  2. Place the remote tower in the middle of the map. Considering that most of the timeframe for upgrading them will increase! This way you can cover more paths that the enemy has traveled.
  3. Use a slow-moving tower! It's best to put them in front of the tower that will cause great damage.
  4. If you know that you are going to deal with the enemy of self-healing, then don't spread your tower far away. You don't want them to have time to recover.
  5. If there are poison towers, they belong to the beginning of the maze and are pre-calculated at intervals [again to poison the enemy when the effect disappears].
  6. Upgrade: You have to figure out which towers are really worth upgrading. That is, upgrading a slow tower may be more beneficial [and cheaper] than upgrading the entire tower behind it. In any case, on the small map and at the end of the game, you will be forced to pursue quality rather than quantity [especially if the enemy has armor!].
  7. In some tower defense games, some enemies are more vulnerable to certain tower damage. Find out which, if so, and use it against them!
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