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One of the most advantageous industries for blockchain technology is trade finance. Many of the world's largest banks are investing time in their research and development.

With the consortium R3CEV, a consortium of 71 global financial leaders, many people have discovered the potential use of blockchain technology.

Since 2016, R3 has performed several trial runs on the market to complement their research. They will continue to improve these strategies until they are ready to fully enter the market.

So what are the findings of some of their potential uses? The following is the future of trade finance for blockchain technology companies.

Monitor real-time status and status

One of the members of R3, CBA, is a major contributor to blockchain technology research. Currently, they are conducting three different projects to analyze the use of blockchains.

They are conducting trial runs with exporters exporting cotton. The humidity monitor is placed inside the tank and connected to the Internet of Things and GPS.

This monitor allows consumers to track their shipments in real time. In addition, they are able to assess the condition of the product as it passes.

Other country blockchain technology companies are running trials similar to this one. In Singapore, Hellostent is conducting similar tests. However, they are studying the import of French wines.

Eliminate free settlement

The growing problem for food growers is the economic loss caused by trade bankruptcy. Due to this activity, an estimated $50 million was lost in 2014.

It takes about 4-6 weeks for farmers to receive payment for the goods. In this case, conflicts between farmers and buyers are often caused by payment complications [failure to pay the appropriate amount, delay in payment, etc.].

The Australian startup Full Profile has put things in its hands.

Their blockchain platform allows farmers to get automatic payments when delivering grain. This will greatly reduce the risk of disputes between farmers and buyers.

Once the Full Profile application is fully operational in the domestic environment, they will expand their foreign trade.


The use of blockchain technology also helps to reduce economic losses and risks. After further development, it will be able to digitize sales and legal arrangements.

Trade finance is a cumbersome industry that relies heavily on settlements and contracts. Currently, most agreements are handled in an old-fashioned way: a paper copy.

Blockchain technology will eliminate the need for such paper systems. This ultimately reduces the risk of economic loss, as documents are often lost, mishandled or tarnished.

Electronic documents can be tracked more efficiently. In addition, it no longer requires a third-party verification system.

Interested in learning more about blockchain technology companies?

Blockchain technology creates transparency for financial transactions between buyers and sellers. From the moment the order is made to the payment, the blockchain simplifies the transaction process.

Do you want to enter the world of international trade? You are in the right place. It’s great to know your thoughts and comments.

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