Traffic Building – Update On Long Tail Searches

If you’re using traffic building strategies such as search engine optimization or advertising using pay per click ads, then you know how important long tail searches are to your success. Long tail searches are keywords that are 3 word or more and are very specific rather than broad. This results in better conversions and profitability in your online marketing campaigns.

However, since Google is doing some major changes at the moment, many webmasters report that the optimization of their long tail searches is not bringing in the traffic like before. Some of these keywords are changing in their search engine rankings. Everyone is wondering, just what is happening with the search engine results of Google.

Recently, Google changed the formula of algorithm and this influences the rankings of long tail keyword searches. The focus of the search engines results today relates to offering quality information. This helps decide which sites match the long tail searches better than others. Right now, Google makes sure that it is the relevant sites are ranking higher for these types of searches.

Many people think that this change in Google stems from many online marketers targeting keywords without offering any real and valuable information to the reader, making it a waste of their time to even click the link to go to the site in search of good content. This made searching with long tail keywords nearly worthless to users who searched for them online, since there was nothing of relevance to capture and keep their interest in the pages they found in the high ranking spots. When you think about it, it makes sense that many of these higher ranking sites do not deserve such high rankings at all. It was a tease and an unfair approach, since there was no real delivery of value and worth to the search engine users. Many of those who were following such a practice were making their profits by using various online methods such as that of using affiliate marketing, AdSense profits as well as proceeds from their products and services.

So does this mean that it is useless to target the long tail keywords for traffic building campaigns? The answer is no. When building a traffic building campaign (SEO to be specific), you will need to address the quality issue and think about what the visitor would want when they land on your page.

Make sure that you provide the highest quality on your site and that your page relates to the original search query. Consider turning your site into an authority by adding great content on a regular basis. Do not simply target keywords that do not relate to what the viewer is searching for or wants.

Google makes changes regularly; however, this does not mean that SEO traffic building is dead. Google makes changes every year. This is simply one of their necessary steps to ensure that their users are finding quality content relevant to their search query.

This means that as long as you make sure that you provide your readers with value and quality, your traffic building while using long tail searches will survive and thrive. Doing so will increase your keyword rank; however, your competitors may sit and wonder how or why the keywords they use are not showing a high ranking in the search engines.

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