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As with many ways to make money, you need to spend a certain amount of money to build your list. You need money to register your domain name, host your website, and set up an automated responder. In addition, getting traffic to your squeeze page can also cost you money, and you decide to use a pay-per-click [PPC] approach. However, there are many good free ways to generate traffic.

If you can use these correctly, you can get a lot of traffic to your snippet page and you will be able to compound your list without spending a penny.

social media

Do you know that social media sites are even more than Google? This is a shocking idea, but it is true. Social media sites are the perfect way to build reliable lists, and if you use them correctly, you won't have to rely on expensive advertising technologies like Google AdWords to promote your products.

The important thing to remember when using social media for list building is that you must be careful not to over-promote your product. That's because doing so is a good way to stop or cancel contact. Websites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace can help you build your brand and build a dedicated follower who will allow you to promote your products and services completely free of charge.

When using social media, it's important not to sound too robotic. Keep in mind that they are social networking sites, so please use your personality and you will see people responding better to you and your offers.

write a blog

You can set up a blog for free with Blogger or WordPress, and then you can create content that you can get from a stable reader. You can then add a selection section for your newsletter at the bottom of each post. Not only does this help you build your brand and build a loyal readership, but it also allows you to build larger lists.

You should also include a list of related blogs that you are interested in on the blog page. Then, follow these blogs closely until you find the post you want to comment on. When commenting on other people's blog posts, be sure to use the relevant information in the entry to comment. Everyone should understand that including the person writing this article, you should thoroughly read and understand this article.

Never leave a comment, "Good post!" or "This is terrible!", because these will soon be deleted by the blog, your efforts will be in vain. Instead, provide some useful insights. You'll also need to include the URL of the landing page in your post so that bloggers and readers of all blogs can click on it. This will bring your site to your target visitors, who can then choose to join your newsletter by providing their information.


The best way to build a list using a forum is to find a forum in the forum or provide a discussion about your specific niche. Really research people's posts and make sure you are familiar with the submission guidelines. After all, you will hate annoying or regular forum subscribers. In fact, this can even make you banned by the forum administrator.

Then, post a comment in the forum to provide valuable and useful information that people really respond to. Just include your landing page in the forum signature line. When people start to see you as your niche authority, they will flock to your website and they won't be able to wait for your newsletter, e-course, etc.


Nowadays, anyone can make videos with free software that is always available. With this type of software, along with a little time and skill, you can create professional-looking videos to promote your products or services, and then upload them to popular video networks like YouTube. Make sure to include the URL of the login page a few times so that people don't have to search for it.

Video is becoming one of the most popular forms of content for Internet users, including young and old. For this reason, you should use this and other media to truly maximize your success.


Just like free video production software, you can use a number of free audio programs to create a 5 to 10 minute "talk show" that provides useful information for those looking for it. Again mention your URL a few times and make sure it sounds as professional as possible to ensure that people will stay until the end.

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