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Have you heard of aging home design? For the elderly and the elderly, this is a new trend. They dream of living independently in their familiar homes as they are old, surrounded by rich and fulfilling memories that they have long cherished. When I recently started a new business focused on the configuration of the elderly and disabled families in the Atlanta area of ​​Georgia, I was pleased to find that the National Association of Home Builders provided the courses I needed to get my Certified Ageing Specialist [CAPS]. Georgia State Atlanta certification. Thanks to the Greater Atlanta Residential Builders Association, I was able to complete all three courses in February of this year. A number of topics were discussed, including how to perform aging assessments at home.

The NAHB-certified local aging program guides individuals in the business management of the home's comprehensive service design and installation configuration, barriers to building design barriers, and customer service procedures. There are three categories of aging. The first group consists of more than 50 healthy seniors, but they wisely work to transform their homes as they age. The second group is people with progressive illness or disability who need to remodel their families to meet their growing demand for greater accessibility. The last in-situ aging group was the one who had an accident and returned from a rehabilitation center or hospital and needed immediate modification of the house. Ageing experts receive training to serve these three groups; they are skilled at serving the elderly and the disabled because they seek to live independently in their long-cherished home.

Family assessments are professional assessments conducted by certified ageing experts. Family allocation is determined by assessing the needs of disabled residents and comparing them to the Atlanta family space.

Who wants to leave this comfortable place, where spending sweet thoughts with your child or your beloved spouse will fill your thoughts? Family experts for the elderly know how to make your house fit your life like a glove! Always consult a certified on-site aging specialist before making any retrofit plans.

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