Transportation: the lifeline of marketing channels

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It's possible that you won't spend a few months planning a well-designed wedding, beautifully decorated, swinging band, three-tiered cake and enough food to feed a village – instead of inviting any guests. Sounds a bit meaningless, right?

It's like creating a talented marketing campaign for your business, rather than introducing it to potential customers. Once again, it makes no sense…

It doesn't matter how good our marketing plans are – if no one sees them, they can't do what we need them to do.

Finding some awesome sources of traffic is the way to solve this problem.

Before we get started… let's quickly define the term traffic to make sure we are on the same page.

Traffic is defined as: Any and all sources, both online and offline, that can be used to get your message in front of your perfect customer.

This is what we need to get –

Transportation is the life of your marketing campaign

We've been talking about the marketing funnel, but if this is the first time you've used it… let me quickly give you a reader summary segment.

The marketing channel is just a graphical representation of our visitors in the marketing process – from potential customers to potential customers, and hopes to customers.

The funnel has three phases, each of which represents our relationship with the customer.

Stage 1 – Introduction and awareness

Second stage – assessment

Phase 3 – Conversion

Now, we are talking about traffic and communicating our message to our perfect customers, so we really focus on the most important part – the introduction and awareness of Phase 1.

We can use thousands of different traffic sources here, but who has time? We are all busy professionals, we can't do it all [I know there may be some people who have already done this, right? Try to join all the social media channels – you will eventually go crazy to keep up.] We don't want This way – what we really want to do is find a few great sources of transportation and focus our time and energy there.

What is it that produces awesome transportation resources?

  There are actually two good sources of traffic sources.

#1. appropriate

We need to find the source of traffic that will allow us to walk in front of the perfect customer – obviously!

#2. Repeatable

We need this traffic source to be reproducible. This means we can access this traffic source and get more traffic at any time.

It is #2, able to reproduce traffic, allowing us to adjust our customer acquisitions as needed. This is the first of our two main WINS in this type of system – CONTROL.

Now that you know why it's important to focus on traffic when building your marketing channel, it's time to start testing which sources are best for the perfect customer.

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