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    • avatar Trips 2 Gether 1

      Awesome video man! if you want to see parts of the Netherlands i'm making lots of video's asswel

      • avatar Aditya Ramasubramanian 1

        Hey is there any way to keep updated of where you guys are, cause if ur in India i would surely like to bumb into u guys..😀

        • avatar Augusta Hughes 1

          Hey,Kara and Nate! I love your video! I know this comment is marked as spam,that's because it contains a link. But please check out this video and approve the comment!

          • avatar Bene C 2

            Hey hey home you go I think the rest will do you the world of good, refit your equipment recharge your own batteries and then you will be fresh and fit to head off again so have a great rest and we look forward to your next adventure stay safe see ya

            • avatar rich schindler 1

              So, you broke all your toys so you had to go home. Makes sense to me. Enjoy your time!

              • avatar Mark Walters 1

                You guys are awesome. I can't wait for your next worldly adventure!

                • avatar PiecesOfRhys 1

                  Hey! What a great video, enjoyed watching. Ive dropped a sub. I do similar content, give it a watch!

                  • avatar kchung9209 1

                    the humidity and moisture has damaged your electronics…especially your monitor screen on your computer and go pro….

                    • avatar GAURAV MAHADIK 1

                      woaahh India..?, Still in India,so want to meet you!

                      • avatar Setsuna 1

                        Please come back to Asia :(

                        • avatar Bob Nease 1

                          Y'all do love your lounges! And thanks for the travel status tips!

                          • avatar Marilyn C 1

                            American Airlines Ramp agents/baggage handlers outside the airport be like "Waitin on Kara & Nate" LOL!!!!

                            • avatar Jacob McCarthy 1

                              You should request a new card for your platinum card as the new ones are metal!

                              • avatar The Why Not Travellers 1

                                I Wish NZ had cool credit card/loyalty deals for lounges like the USA, sadly we have to rough it haha XD