Triangulation is common in domestic abuse – do you know what it is?

"Mrs. Smith, your daughter is crazy and lucky with a man like me!" Do you have, or in your current relationship, ask your partner to call your parents or close friends to complain about you? Can you at least say that you are depressed and depressed? If your answer is yes, then you are the victim of triangulation and domestic violence.

To define triangulation, that is, an abusive partner contacts the family and his/her partner's close friends to complain about them and make them look bad. The abuser tries to make everyone object to their partner and make their partner look like a problem, apparently to make themselves look good! This is the behavior of the abuser; making their partners look crazy and lucky to be with them.

This technique is very common in abusive relationships and usually begins very early in the relationship. This is an emotional abuse because it makes the victim feel that they are worthless and has potentially catastrophic consequences because their family and friends may believe what they say. Hope is not, but you will never know that abusing partners can be very manipulative and persuasive.

If your partner is doing this or has done this in the past, please pay attention to the red flag of the abuser and determine if this is right for you. No matter how injured you are in your best interests, you should not insist that more things happen. Please pay attention to this term and pay attention to this, which is an early sign of the abuser.

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