Truck Wheelchair Lift – How to choose one for your truck

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Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn't mean you have to stay at home all the time. Wheelchair-accessible trucks allow people with disabilities to move from one place to another. However, loading and unloading a wheelchair can be both difficult and uncomfortable. This is why wheelchair lifts for trucks are often used to easily transport wheelchairs.

If you use a wheelchair but want to drive by yourself, you can drive a van with a wheelchair lift. Different types of wheelchair lifts can be installed on trucks.

Platform wheelchair lift

The platform lift has a large, flat surface of the same size as the wheelchair. The platform with the wheelchair is raised to the floor height of the van. The platform lift can be solid or folded. They can also be automatic or semi-automatic. The fully automatic lift will be folded, unfolded, lowered and raised by the operating switch. Semi-automatic platform lifts must be folded and unfolded manually.

Rotating wheelchair lift

Rotating wheelchair lifts are sometimes referred to as "pendulum" lifts. It has a folding or telescope platform. This type of lift cannot be placed flat on the level of the van. Instead, the platform with the wheelchair is rotated into the van. The wheelchair is transported by moving up and down and swinging inside or outside. This is usually used in minivans and vans.

The lift can also be a semi-automatic or automatic lift. The semi-automatic lift section is operated manually, while the automatic lift uses power to perform all of its functions.

Choose a wheelchair lift for your truck

Choosing a lift for your truck depends on many factors. An important consideration is the lift function. The function to look for will depend on who will use the elevator and frequency. Some of the basic functions to consider are platform size, safety features to prevent the platform from rising when the wheelchair is not properly positioned, hand-held controls, warnings, and alarms when conditions are unsafe. Not all of these features are available, so you should decide which ones are most useful and important to you.

Operating the elevator is another important consideration. Elevator, hydraulic or manual control of the lift. They may use handheld controls, elevator controls or remote controls. Manual control is good when backing up. In general, elevator operations with fewer features and functions are simpler.

Choose an easy-to-install wheelchair lift for your van. You must know exactly how to install the elevator, where to install the elevator and how much space it will take. Service from a qualified technician may be required.

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