Tuesday Training – Trimble Access & Trimble Business Center

Tuesday Training - Trimble Access & Trimble Business Center
LIVE INTERACTIVE TRAINING: Attend in person at our Salt Lake City location or via video conference right from your office! Trimble Access & Trimble Business Center This course teaches the student the basics of using Trimble survey software in the field and in the office. Learn to create and adjust survey styles in Trimble Access, the basics in conducting different types of surveys in the field and how to resolve common technical issues. This class will then cover the basics of taking data collection in the field and transferring it to the office PC. Students will learn how to open, view and edit data in TBC, how to create projects and project templates, how to do basic post-processing of GPS data and how to export their data to different file formats. Course Objectives: Manage projects View, navigate and select - How to get around in TBC Transfer field data Importing and exporting data Create, add and edit data Create survey styles in Access Establish proper field workflows Troubleshoot common field issues Trainer: Mike McCarrick General Admission - .00

at Monsen Engineering
960 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, United States



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