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A game server or host is a server that acts as a good source of events in popular multiplayer video games. In fact, the server sends enough data about the internal state so that its logged in client maintains the correct game version for the player. In addition to this, the game server gets and processes each player's input. Let us know the different types of these servers.

Private server

As the name implies, dedicated servers tend to trigger the game world and do not support direct output or input. However, they do support the input and output required for the required management. In addition, players must log in to the server using different client applications to play the game.

The biggest benefit of dedicated servers is that they are suitable for hosting in high-end data centers. In addition, these servers offer many performance and reliability advantages. Remote hosting also eliminates the low latency advantage of low latency advantages of players logging into the server over a local network or the same computer.

The problem is that dedicated servers require a lot of money to operate. Sometimes the developers of the game bear the cost. In some cases, the cost is borne by the clan group. Regardless of the situation, the public relies on third parties. Therefore, most games that use dedicated servers also provide listening server support.

Listen to the server

The process of listening to the server is the same as the game client. In other words, they are just like dedicated servers. However, the difference is that they must "talk" to remote players through the home Internet hosting the gamer. The problem is that not all residential Internet connections are fast enough to support the game's upload requirements, especially if the game is very popular. Usually, the limit is 16 players. Another problem is that performance is degraded due to excessive load on the server, because the server must also generate output images.

peer to peer

In a peer-to-peer model, you don't have a server. Instead, each "companion" gets the input stream for each player and decides the result itself. Often, peer-to-peer is considered obsolete for today's action games. However, peer-to-peer servers are a good choice for real-time strategy games because it works for video games with lots of tokens and fewer players. Rather than sending thousands of troops to the position, what happened was that the game sent a transmission and had chosen a thousand soldiers.

The downside of these servers is that you find it difficult to synchronize all peer servers. Over time, small differences between peers may get worse and it is difficult to support fresh players during the game.

So, this is a description of the different types of game servers. I hope that you can now connect to the right server and you will be able to enjoy your favorite games without any problems.

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