Types of Viruses

Types of Viruses
Understanding the various types of viruses that you could acquire is very useful. For one, it will help you develop a plan to avoid that virus in the first place. Also, once you figure out what kind of virus has infected your computer, you can take a more accurate approach towards discovering a solution. Let’s take a moment to discuss the different kinds of viruses that you could experience on the Internet. To avoid virus problem visit
Stealth Viruses
A stealth virus is one that will disguise itself as something else. This is why they are often undetected by even the strongest anti-virus systems. The tactics associated with this kind of viruses including reducing computer memory, altering files, and capturing private data.
While this type of virus is nothing new, it can be dubbed one of the most lethal ones on the Internet. However, a strong anti-virus program should take care of most of them that you will experience and stop them before they ever become a problem.
Polymorphic Viruses
A polymorphic could easily be compared to a chameleon- always adapting to its environment. Once this virus finds a place to hide itself, it will often go undetected for a long time. It will disguise itself as a different file and stay within your hard drive for months at a time. If you don’t capture a polymorphic virus early then they can be very difficult to remove later.
Macro and Active X Viruses
Macro viruses will embed themselves into documents so that they are harder to spot. On most computers, they will look like Excel or Word documents. The next step that these viruses take is infecting more documents. Slowly but surely they will do this. And it happens so inconspicuously that the person involved with hardly recognize what is happening. Luckily, even moderate-strength anti-virus programs can spot them relatively easy.
Active X Viruses, on the other hand, are much more difficult to spot. For those who don’t know, Active X is what is responsible for blocking pop-ups whenever you are surfing the Internet. Most of the time it will present you with a Yes or Not when viewing various sites. What an Active X virus does is present this option so persistently that it ultimately forces you to click Yes. Whenever you do this, the virus is installed.
Final Thoughts
Can you prevent these viruses from entering your system? Sure, as long as you are housing the proper anti-virus software. Besides that, make sure that you are not navigating into foreign territory on the Internet. Stick to websites that you know and trust and avoid those that look shady or unethical.

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