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    • avatar Mike Geoghegan 2

      Thank you Sir. You have successed in "Educating me Today" . . . But what does FLV ? and can I assume RTFP = "Remote Transfer File Protocol" . . ? please excuse me if Im way off ???
      Kind Regards

      • avatar Sadek Hossain 1

        Supper video !

        • avatar Dhanpat Masiwal 2

          जरुरत है 100 से 200 लड़के और लड़कियों की जो मोबाइल पर बहुत समय बिताते हे उनके लिए सुनहरा मौका है पैसे कमाने का जिसमे add देख कर vedio देख कर और app install करके लाखो कमा सकते हो।play store से champcash app download करे। sign up करे। id type kare 8393497.उसके बाद आपको 8 app download करने हे और आपकी joining हो जायेगी उसके बाद आपको बताया जायेगा कैसे काम करना है।ये सब free of cost हे।

          • avatar Marcus Leandro Rosa Santos 1

            Very nice and clear explanationation!

            • avatar franco 1

              Jesus this video is good

              • avatar James Booti 0

                Nice one. Very clear. Thanks!

                • avatar Sunyanan Choochotkaew 2

                  Thank you. Very helpful!

                  • avatar Parul Waghela 1

                    awesome video thank you ..
                    is there any particular platform available for make this process easy …??

                    • avatar Nikhil Verma 1

                      Great Video!

                      • avatar Daniel D. 1

                        Great Video, super technice ! Thank you :)

                        • avatar Layarion 1

                          "mr bits hopes" wait i was just starting to understand and you end it!~

                          • avatar Mo McSuave 0

                            this is a clutch explanation.2:32 of pure education,coupled with chill drawings and analogies,much appreciated.

                            • avatar Nicolas B. 1

                              Thank you for posting this. I actually had to look around for awhile before finding a better explanation besides "downloading downloads the file and streaming streams it".

                              Just one question – are those "puzzle pieces" at any time stored on your computer or is it deleted once you close the file? Sometimes it seems when you reopen a youtube video a second time it loads faster lending itself to to the fact that data is stored.