1. AustriaFlow AustriaFlow

    It as same unsafe as a quadcopter -.- you can not say at any moment that it is a octacopter. If one propeller breaks it probably will destroy the one under it to or damage it… And down you go…

  2. Lee Nam Lee Nam

    Propeller looks so dangerous

  3. Tri Maryati Kurniasih Tri Maryati Kurniasih

    ka itu beli apa bikin

  4. Futri Nayna Futri Nayna

    you re goog

  5. Bobby Tomas Bobby Tomas


  6. tel tasarim tel tasarim

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  7. Laci Maci Laci Maci

    Even if it's not working today, it is technically possible. The question is, if it does make any sense as a business. This is a very very narrow niche on the market and there are always other solutions……

    Super light fixed wing aircrafts like the Icon A5 already flies to 800 km with 2 persons and can land at sea, lake, river, road, ice whatever. Consumption is like for a family car, costs around 200.000 dollars. Which sounds as a very competitive pricing and maintenance cost in aviation.

  8. aqram khan aqram khan

    i knew it…..that it will be someone from fucking sucking dubai….boody sinners

  9. Samuel Almeida Samuel Almeida

    The biggest challenge of such a project is the development of a low noise propeller, otherwise it will not be authorized for mass marketing in society.

  10. K Danagger K Danagger

    Too much reliance on automation. Too many things that can go wrong. If a motor controller burns out (as highly stressed motor controllers sometimes do), the passenger is dead. This thing better have a ballistic parachute – at the very least.

  11. J.P. Wiser J.P. Wiser

    Someone took the Jetsons way to seriously.

  12. BĐG hai vleu BĐG hai vleu


  13. Rafael Mota Rafael Mota

    sem palavras com a tecnologia.isto e um sonho


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