Unmanned Taxi In UAE – Drone Taxi Dubai EHang 184

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    • avatar AustriaFlow 1

      It as same unsafe as a quadcopter -.- you can not say at any moment that it is a octacopter. If one propeller breaks it probably will destroy the one under it to or damage it… And down you go…

      • avatar Lee Nam 1

        Propeller looks so dangerous

        • avatar Tri Maryati Kurniasih 2

          ka itu beli apa bikin

          • avatar Futri Nayna 2

            you re goog

            • avatar Bobby Tomas 2


              • avatar tel tasarim 2

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                • avatar Laci Maci 1

                  Even if it's not working today, it is technically possible. The question is, if it does make any sense as a business. This is a very very narrow niche on the market and there are always other solutions……

                  Super light fixed wing aircrafts like the Icon A5 already flies to 800 km with 2 persons and can land at sea, lake, river, road, ice whatever. Consumption is like for a family car, costs around 200.000 dollars. Which sounds as a very competitive pricing and maintenance cost in aviation.

                  • avatar aqram khan 1

                    i knew it…..that it will be someone from fucking sucking dubai….boody sinners

                    • avatar Samuel Almeida 1

                      The biggest challenge of such a project is the development of a low noise propeller, otherwise it will not be authorized for mass marketing in society.

                      • avatar K Danagger 1

                        Too much reliance on automation. Too many things that can go wrong. If a motor controller burns out (as highly stressed motor controllers sometimes do), the passenger is dead. This thing better have a ballistic parachute – at the very least.

                        • avatar J.P. Wiser 1

                          Someone took the Jetsons way to seriously.

                          • avatar BĐG hai vleu 1


                            • avatar Rafael Mota 2

                              sem palavras com a tecnologia.isto e um sonho