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It is very common to be afraid of public speaking. It is generally said that it is actually more fearful than death. The story of actors and comedians "gets on the stage" – even if it's a metaphor – fear has accumulated in many people.

But no matter what reason you are worried about public speaking, there is a way to solve it quickly. This is good news if fear happens unexpectedly before the keynote or presentation expires.

You may have heard of a quick phobia treatment, but treat it as a quack. After all, your rational thinking asks, how can your fears over the years dissipate in a matter of minutes?

The quick answer is that it can.

We learn very quickly – this is part of our survival instinct.

This means we can learn as fast.

Think about it: Your public speech fear will almost certainly come soon. Maybe you were caught unconsciously and had to make an impromptu demonstration. Or, more likely, your mind is working overtime on the night before an important speech, causing you to even stand up before lack of sleep and generally realize that it is a sign of bad luck.

Then – every time – you bring back the same feeling. If your follow-up speech is not particularly smooth, it may even be an enhanced version.

This is caused by our thinking shortcuts.

It must do this, otherwise we must relearn everything every time we do it. If we have to figure out how to sit down, how to use a knife and fork, and even how to breathe and exhale, this will be the main pain in the neck.

So you have learned a shortcut, it determines that as long as it is possible to speak in public, you will have a sense of panic, and there may be pressure.

And you may have practiced a lot – whether it's in the speech itself or in the show, your thoughts will track everything that can go wrong.

Rapid phobia treatment excludes this.

It takes advantage of a simple process to take advantage of your imagination [you have proven it can be very lively!] to get rid of the shortcuts that trigger your fear of public speaking.

This process involves running a virtual movie in your mind.

But you run the movie backwards. So, from the time you learn to be afraid to speak in public, when you don't have this doubt.

Depending on the intensity of the fear, it may take several retracements to eliminate the shortcuts currently required.

There is usually an "extra" in the process.

No popcorn – we will keep the real movie.

But it usually fades the mental image into black and white, speeds up, and often plays things like circus music on the top of the back movie.

Some "drama" like this has reduced the level of fear by quite a bit.

This means that you can rationally resolve the idea of ​​a public speech the next time you have to do so. There is no burden of all old fears and worries.

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