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Music is an integral part of any video. It appeals to your target audience by highlighting the emotions and energy of your video project. But even if a popular song might suit your video, it doesn't mean you are free to use it. In most cases, you have no rights.

So which type of music can you use in YouTube or Vimeo videos? Most commercial music is protected by copyright, and over the past decade, YouTube has created a system to analyze and tag users who violate these rights. The YouTube system references music used in the project based on a copyrighted music database. With this Content ID system, YouTube can report the number of views for your video and send it back to the copyright owner. YouTube can also mute the audio in the video, advertise with the video, or completely remove the video.

Composers, producers, and songwriters of original commercial music can be found and licensed from them, but this approach is certainly not a simple or inexpensive process. For example, the copyright can be attributed to many different parties. First, the composer owns the composition of the music, the performer or artist owns the right to play the song, and finally, the record company can also attribute the copyright of the recording to the track. In general, in order to obtain permission from the following parties, you may end up paying a large fee [tens of thousands of dollars] for the music used in the video. Fortunately, this time-consuming and expensive process has an economical alternative.

Check out the YouTube Copyright Center, which details the restrictions on using copyrighted music in online video content.

Royalty Free Music or other stock music called YouTube is ideal for fast, affordable, and of course completely legal alternatives to expensive custom music or commercial licensing options. Once a royalty-free music license is obtained, the licensee does not have to pay any additional fees for using the audio track, and can also use the audio track in a permanent project. In addition, many music libraries allow YouTube video content creators to monetize videos that contain their music content. This is very important for well-known YouTube and Vimeo creators who rely on the advertising revenue generated by their channel. Many professional YouTube, Vimeo and social media video content creators rely on stock music as an easy way to get high quality music behind their creative projects.

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