Useful travel tips about the seasons and weather in Langkawi

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Langkawi has the same climate as Thailand. It is known as the tropical monsoon climate. It can sometimes be labeled as “tropical humid climate”, although this is not always the case throughout the year. Its paradise climate makes Langkawi a great place to visit, but it's wise to know the different types of weather before booking a perfect vacation.

For those who normally recognize the spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, Thailand may look like a different planet! Its summer and winter may look very backward, although it is warm all year round, with temperatures ranging from 27 degrees Celsius [81 degrees Fahrenheit] in the coldest month of July to 29 degrees Celsius [81 degrees Fahrenheit] in the hottest month of February. Not waiting. .

It is said that Langkawi is not only a traditional season, but also experienced a wet season and a dry season. In terms of travel, these are called off-season and peak season. This is because many tourists only like to visit during the dry season to avoid rain and possible monsoons.

Dry season [peak season]:

November to March is the busiest time. During this period, Langkawi had the largest amount of traffic.

After the rainy season, plant life flourished and created beautiful scenery.

Due to the influx of tourists, many prices have been raised to compete with demand.

Wet season [off season]:

July to October is the time when Langkawi’s tourism business is slowing down

The level of intensity of the rain. Sometimes a strong flood can occur.

In many cases, the rain won't last long, but it's very strong

During this time, boat trips are not always the case

For those who wish to rent a Koh Lipe ferry to Langkawi, as long as the travel plan is flexible, it is still possible during the wet season. However, during the wet season, it is not recommended to take a ferry from Langkawi to Phuket, or even rent a Langkawi to Krabi ferry.

It is very common to find ferries between these popular tourist destinations during the dry season. In fact, this is the preferred method of travel, as many places in and around Thailand are too small to own your own airport.

In any season, whether wet or dry, it is usually possible to rent a ferry to KohLipe to Langkawi and vice versa. They offer competitive prices and have the experience of transporting tourists and locals from islands to islands. There are also speedboats for those who are looking for a faster ride.

It is important to carefully select the time of year to get the best experience from Langkawi. Of course, it all depends on the preferences of each traveler, but usually, holidaymakers don't want to spend their holidays to avoid flooding! On the other hand, some people may like to take risks and find what they are looking for regardless of the weather!

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