Using Barn Door Hardware to Your Advantage

So you're thinking about using a sliding barn door to solve your door enclosure issues. That's a great idea, and you're going to be able to get a huge amount of mileage out of this great decision. And using your barn door hardware the right way can make all the difference when it comes to what you get out of the door, as well as the life cycle of the door. Using the right barn door hardware can allow you to have an amazing experience with your sliding door, and will make for a great way to replace a regular door with one that saves space and satisfies your design bug at the same time.

Now that you've gotten the idea to use a sliding barn door, how do you use the barn door hardware you get to your advantage?

Customize to your heart's content:

The best thing about barn door hardware is the amount of different ways you can use the available hardware you can purchase. There are a ton of different way you can make you door appear, whether you want an exposed track that brings a more industrial feel to the sliding barn door, or if you want it to look a bit more clean cut and have the track appear enclosed.

Do you want to have the doors open down the middle and open to either side? Do you want to have a single door that slides just one way? Do you want your hinges to say a certain thing about your sliding barn door, especially pertaining to the style you want to portray?

Regardless, there are a huge amount of different looks and feels you can have to your sliding door, simply by customizing your barn door hardware. From the track to the hinges to the handle you use, you can accessorize your barn door to your heart's content.

Make it work for you:

The best thing about barn door hardware is that there is always a way to make it work for you. There is always a way to make it more functional and more convenient, so that the experience of having a sliding barn door is always a pleasant one.

Based on the needs of your sliding barn door, and what you are going to be using it for, there are certain pieces of barn door hardware that you can add to it to make it better, even safer. These extra accessories are going to make owning your barn door all the better.

For starters, you can even make your sliding barn door open and close automatically, which is especially helpful if you're going to be using it as a gate. Using the automated sliding door hardware can bring a heightened level of ease and functionality to your barn door. It'll simply open and close at the touch of a button, which everybody can find useful.

As far as safety features go, there is an amazing new feature that can be added to your sliding barn door in order to keep your children and loved ones safe. The soft-close mechanism is exactly what it sounds like. It makes slamming doors a thing of the past, because it'll stop the door just before it closes, and softly close it.

This is especially helpful in the case that someone may close the door on their fingers. This gives them time to pull them away. It'll also increase the lifespan of your barn door in case you have an angry teenager that likes to slam doors. This makes it impossible for them to do so.

A sliding barn door is one of the best investments you can make to improve the style and functionality of your living space. And with the right barn door hardware, you will have a way to make your sliding door work for you.

To find the best selection of barn door hardware, come check out our website to find our full selection. We'll help you create a barn door you can be proud of.
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