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After the X generation [those born between 1965 and 1979], the contact center and other telemarketing and telemarketing employees now join a large number of members of the Y generation, also known as the millennial generation [those born in 1980 and Later people].

For these new varieties working as telemarketing professionals, traditional management techniques and sales training may not be applicable. This has brought some problems to management because millennials will be in line with the mature generation, Baby Boomers and Generation X.

As the youngest generation in the mix, Millennials are known for their poverty in professional ethics and over- or unrealistic expectations.

But Millennials have many positive features that can be used to take advantage of their business when used well. In addition to being well educated and skilled, they are energetic, personal and optimistic. Their personality stands out in their field of work, and they are expected to succeed in the field of telemarketing, just like in any business.

The next challenge is how management will adjust the sales and management strategies already in place to take advantage of millennials' sales force.

Management should consider the following points and make the necessary changes to meet the needs of millennials.

challenge. Millennials are competitive. How did they grow up? Management can take advantage of this by setting goals and teams that allow them to compete individually. Goals should match exciting rewards to increase their interest.

excitation. Management typically rewards top salespeople. The usual prizes are gift vouchers that can be used in a variety of local venues and other exciting products. Most millennials may have the latest technology equipment. In order to make the incentive plan more attractive, the summer vacation trip as the highest award is irresistible.

Interesting atmosphere. Millennials are a vibrant place. Their hard work should match the opportunities of fun and relaxation. Giving them a fun atmosphere is a great way to provide a way out for their creative side. Charity work, social events, short trips and other similar activities will help boost their morale, motivate them to become better employees, and give them a full personality.


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