Video content is better than words

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Content-heavy marketing strategies are losing their appeal in digital marketing, so more and more companies are responding by designing new storytelling methods. In addition, companies are changing their digital marketing approach by becoming more intuitive, more casual, and more realistic. Thanks for the video content – the future of digital content marketing!

Currently, video content is using text content in the storm. Until recently, text content has dominated the digital marketing arena; however, as most online viewers now prefer to watch videos rather than reading boring text, the latest digital marketing trends place more emphasis on content marketing strategies using online video.

Do not deceive numbers:

According to a Cisco study, by 2017, video will generate 69% of online traffic. In addition, the study further believes that online video traffic will reach 80% in the next three years. Another study by Nielsen shows that ordinary Internet users watch about 206 videos a month. The study also claims that 64% of marketers are willing to incorporate video marketing into their digital marketing strategy. Based on the evidence found above, it has been easy to infer that the concept of video marketing goes beyond textual content.

The advantages of video content marketing:

• Video is easy to search.

  • Communicate brand information in an interesting way.

  • Viewer data provided by video hosting sites such as YouTube can provide marketers with useful insights about targeted consumer behavior.

  • Increase the chances of turning prospects into customers.

  • Regularly posting videos on YouTube, Bing or Yahoo can improve your brand's search engine rankings.

Online video marketing is becoming a powerful tool for brand storytelling to provide incredible opportunities for consumer engagement. Because video attracts both sight and sound, they enable viewers to retain most of their information. For example, it is easier to retain brand information provided by TVC than advertising. As a result, video forms the ultimate medium for conveying brand mission and brand value, because video can easily appeal to consumers by offering richer, more sophisticated experiences than other media.

In addition, online video marketing is an ideal tool for brand humanization. Audiovisual content combined with humor and emotions brings personality to the brand, and these brands have a long way to go to attract consumers. note. Narrative brand stories through video can be an effective way to positively resonate with the audience. More importantly, adding stunning visuals and real people also conveys value to the online audience.

Another key to remember is that video content marketing is not only suitable for big brands and popular brands; even small businesses need to gain an advantage. While video content marketing is still in its infancy in India, small and large companies will also use funds to incorporate online video into their content marketing strategies to adopt the latest digital marketing trends.

The way forward: let your video content speak freely!

Given that video content is becoming the most popular digital marketing medium, companies should understand the impact of storytelling through visual effects. High-quality brands roll up their sleeves to create unique video content that attracts the attention of their target customers and creates a true emotional bond with the audience. At the same time, brands should not lose sight of the importance of promoting videos through multiple channels, such as social media.

Taken together, there seems to be reason to believe that in the age of infotainment, brands cannot ignore the importance of video content because it plays a key role in entertainment and informs customers by playing a series of emotions. Brands that don't care about video content can't expect to generate business leads through any online platform that could harm their business.

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