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Using video marketing to bring traffic to your website is an online marketing strategy that many small business owners and Internet marketers have begun to accept and has achieved great success. Having a traditional website only allows you to contact the person who first found your website. However, combining video, social networking and some simple video marketing techniques can attract a large number of qualified visitors to your site.

First, let's forget the stupid videos that kids meet on YouTube and show off the latest dance moves. While this video can bring hundreds of thousands of views, it doesn't bring you the target traffic you need.

Instead, consider making a video for your niche. A real estate agent may make a video to introduce himself and show off some of her houses for sale. A nightclub might make a video of a "commercial" video with a party sound. The software developer may make a video to demonstrate his latest application.

Since Google and other search engines are starting to offer videos on sites like discounted search engine rankings like YouTube, it's likely that your video will eventually appear on the first page of search results for your key phrases. This is very powerful and should not be overlooked, as this will make your video marketing work well worth your investment.

Considering that YouTube itself may not have a huge market, people look for videos on “Auckland Real Estate”. But if your video titled "Auckland Real Estate" becomes the first page of Google search results [again, because the priority search results video is received in search engines], you will benefit from hundreds of people searching for the term. The video is considered first and then watch your video.

As the video receives preferential treatment in the search results, the question becomes "How do I get people to watch my videos on YouTube to actually visit my site?"

this is very simple. Bribe them at the end of the marketing video. Here are some ideas:

* Provide some things for free on your website [consultation, reports, free drinks, demo version, MP3 download, etc.]


* Vote for them or ask them questions about accessing your website. People like to express their opinions. You can combine the free offer above to give a free gift after completing a vote or question. This is very valuable for market research.


* Leave them. Don't tell the whole story on your YouTube hosted video – instead, tell them enough to incite curiosity. Then instruct them to visit your website for a complete story or answer.

Each of these ideas is conscious and can be focused and molded indefinitely to fit your target market.

The key here is to engage the audience when it’s hot; let’s just have a reason to continue to visit your site after watching our video. The truth is, if you don't, most people just click into another video or search result. Use their attention and tell them where to go and what to do next – you will be amazed at how many people will follow!

Even if you are not Spodeburg [I know I am not], you can use these simple methods to create traffic-attracting videos.

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