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Today's online marketing video is simply HOT! no doubt.

If you are an online marketer, you may already be using the video in marketing, or your competitors already use the video.

But why is the video squashing the page? Squeezing pages by their nature is short. They are here soon, so as a successful internet marketer, you now have an active LEAD, not a visitor who visits your website and bounces.

Statistics and traffic analysis were important, so I did an experiment at the end of 2007, where I took a squeeze page with no video and added one to see the impact on the conversion. The result is staggering! Up to 700% growth! why? Because we live in the society of audio learners. We want to be SPOON-FED, and the information that is passed to us in short videos is more easily absorbed than the long text that must be read.

Now yes, this is a controversial opinion. The contributor may not agree. Many people often say that a 10-page compelling sales copy is critical to a strong conversion rate. But the evidence is that in the pudding – 700% [plus] increase can not be ignored.

So what do you need to squeeze the page video? There are only three things.

[1] Quality graphics

[2] Video with compelling information

[3] Select the join box

The fourth element is optional, a sales copy [text]. If you want to display text on the page, it must be short for two reasons. First, you already have a video that conveys most of the news. Second, it's not a sales page, so your only goal is to convert visitors into subscribers. Instead of arriving at their credit card, they decide whether they want to establish a relationship with you – which of course can be terminated at any time.

Whether you include a sales copy on a squeeze page, you must use high quality video. Your visitors are judging you – and anything superior will eliminate this impression in seconds. Since every visitor to your site is conscious, don't post them by posting spam.

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