Video marketing is right for you, where should you use it?

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Why video marketing has brought tremendous results to business owners and entrepreneurs

Video marketing has recently been a hot topic for us, and there are good reasons.

Online marketing is a dynamic business, but it is not always unpredictable. Over the years, we have seen a consistent trend, indicating that users are accustomed to the certainty of viewing advertisements while browsing the Internet, and now these videos are more influential in their buying habits than ever before.

To help those who are marketing their own videos, we have compiled answers to a list of frequently asked questions.

Is video marketing expensive?

The cost of video marketing is as expensive as the budget you are using. There are many ways to create a valid video, and you don't have to pay anything other than your time. You won't immediately compete with industry leaders because your marketing efforts can help your business grow and increase your budget.

When you focus your video on the value of the content in your presentation. If it limits the ability to convey information, then over-innovation can be a bad thing.

Where should you use video marketing?

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Add a video to your web content

A study by Mist shows that displaying a video on your landing page will increase your chances of finding your target key phrase on page 1 by 53%.

Having a page 1 SERP list is a challenge, and if you are in a highly competitive industry, conversion is very valuable, then it will become a constant struggle with competitors.

Increase your page 1 ranking chance by 53% and add videos to your online marketing

Whether you're talking about the avatar-style videos you're talking about, or using Power Point to create slideshow videos, there's a video in your content that's a great way to get the most out of video marketing.

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Add a video to your blog post

You spend a lot of time on blog posts, and the content can be as much as the landing page. Why not include information as a video and increase the chances that information will be passed to more people?

When you create a user's favorite blog content, they link to it in their own content marketing. Any online marketer knows the value of a strong link from a reputable website.

SEO authoritative moz.com found that by providing video and blog text and images, you can expand your coverage by a factor of three, which means a threefold increase in the number of users and a threefold increase in link learning.

Should video marketing replace your blog?

Usually not, but it should be part of it. While online video accounts for 69% of global consumer online traffic in 2017, and 69% is clearly not a number, you can ignore this, not to say that your industry is necessarily at the high end of the video trend.

It still tends in this way, but don't let it go beyond your established efforts. User expectations and habits vary by industry and niche, so add it to what you are doing instead of switching together.

How do you know if video marketing is right for you?

The answer is simple, but the most likely is to determine the benefits of testing the waters.

Try some A/B tests between the page and the post to see how you interact with the user. Using only 1 video, you may not affect your ranking too much, so check your Google Analytics to evaluate performance.

In addition, to further understand, you can also use the social platform where you share content for analysis. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube all have their own statistics, which you can view to see how your content will look after you add it.

You can even reuse old content by adding videos and sharing again. Then, after adding the video, view the statistics and statistics for the first round of marketing.

Bonus tips for women marketing videos

Marketing for women? A recent study by adeliestudios.com found that 83% of mothers turn to the Internet when they need an answer.

What makes sense is that if the answer to any questions that a busy mom might ask is on your website, then you should have an easy-to-receive answer. This means including the video in your content.

People who want to answer easily in a hurry can really get help by getting answers in a fast, user-friendly format.

Adding a video that covers the answers in your content can easily mean the difference between a clickback and a new prospect, so if you can answer a question that mom might need to answer quickly, make sure you have a video option. .

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