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Video marketing: efficient and effective

Video marketing is probably the most effective marketing strategy you can use right now. Think about it: Your customers can see and hear what your product or service is.

This is especially useful when you want to explain or demonstrate content about your product or service, or if you want to communicate personal information to potential customers.

If you've seen the power of video marketing and definitely want to get involved, but lack the skills, software, equipment or time, then you can outsource it to a reasonably priced video marketing company at any time, preferably with all sorts of good recommend.

Video email marketing is a new old-fashioned direct mail

Video email marketing campaigns are somehow the same as old-style direct mail – send your information directly to the customer's inbox for them to read at home or at work for their convenience.

However, video email marketing uses new technologies to accelerate, leverage and automate delivery – as well as provide more information in the form of audio and moving images and text – available only with regular print direct marketing.

Video witness

These days, unless it is a video recommendation, it is not a recommendation. People have long since trusted non-video recommendations on the site – they are too easy to pretend.

However, a good video recommendation provides all the important social proofs – proving that a real person is satisfied with the product or service they are endorsing.

The Internet has recently been about social proof and peer recommendation, especially since everyone is used to Web 2.0 properties and uses them like crazy. [Think Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.]

YouTube: New search engine

Google is still number one, of course, but Facebook ranks second and YouTube ranks third – although they can exchange locations on any day.

And since YouTube itself is a search engine, aiming at YouTube on your site's search engine optimization [search engine optimization] work is as much time as focusing on Google, because these days people spend so much time on YouTube.

It is growing! [No wonder Google has acquired YouTube…] Video SEO has even had its own noun – VSEO.

Google likes video – obviously…

While what our marketers can do is speculate, by running various tests and observing what happens – because Google doesn't publicly disclose most of their ranking algorithm standards – experts believe that if you have videos on your page, you will get extra The search engine results in Brownie points or two points.

This helps your ranking.

Video marketing is not necessarily very expensive

Video marketing is not necessarily very expensive. In the past – of course, especially if you go through the whole pig and shoot 35mm, there are lights, multiple cameras, sound engineers, hair, make-up and expensive editing, maybe even some animations and special effects, done by line mac boffins – oh – and an original score – then, yes. Making a movie in the past is still a lot of money.

Advertising agencies often spend a lot of money on their clients to make expensive TV commercials, and in some cases spend millions – but now, there is another option.

Today, even bootstrappers and SMBs can afford video marketing.

The quality of YouTube video is improving, but now it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot the iPhone on a 2 megapixel camera – although it depends on your market, the products you sell and the uses.

Message medium

You have valuable and real content, have information or convey information – more important than the quality of the camera.

illustration: from

 Mobile video clips are often broadcast on global TV news if someone gets the exclusive footage of important events not captured by online journalists at the right place and at the right time, and all their fancy devices.

The focus is: from

 If you want to connect with customers through video marketing, over-creating a video can have the opposite effect on your customers.

Don't risk over-producing videos that might alienate potential customers, rather than making them feel connected and ready to do business with you. You must be true.

Overspending on the Internet is unreasonable

Spending a lot of money for broadcast quality video may be excessive for Internet video marketing and video email marketing purposes.

You want your customers to watch your video marketing and think "Wow! I just look for something similar in the search engine and see what I found! These guys now seem to be perfect for me! I think I will Even forward this video to my colleague!"

One of the best case scenarios for video marketing is the virus – the recipient thinks your content is very good, so relevant or interesting or interesting – in other words, they are valuable – they forward them to friends and colleagues themselves.

Errors made by companies using video marketing

Many companies have invested heavily in video marketing and are not doing it right.

I have seen good-natured companies mailing physical DVDs as video marketing tools – usually lengthy and sometimes boring demos, shooting a camera behind the room, with poor sound.

As a result, their prospects have lost interest – even if they did watch the video.

Typically, the time interval between requesting information and then receiving the physical DVD's customers in the mail means that their interests may have diminished, or their expectations of the information are no longer the highest peak when they requested the information.

A better solution might be to edit your content to within ten minutes, post it on your website, and give customers the opportunity to sign up and view the entire presentation.

This means you can provide your video marketing information at the exact time when customers can view it and their wishes reach the highest point, they can view the material and respond immediately to your call-to-action.

Automate your video email marketing

Video email marketing can be automated, which has the following benefits for your company:

Save on manufacturing and shipping costs

Save employee processing costs

Potential customers get content instantly

Streaming content is safe and very economical

Save time and money with automatic content delivery using an autoresponder

Develop mailing lists for interested customers

Keep true

What you should do to properly complete video marketing is to narrow the gap between a complete stranger watching a video on the web and someone who might want to do business with you – now! Stay true.

This is what is useful today.

We are in an era of authenticity and BS artists will no longer be tolerated.

Video marketing shows your customers some very important non-verbal cues that give them a “feel” to you and your company. They can privately draw their conclusions to your company without having to bother or sell them there.

Today, people don't like to feel like they are being "sold", but they like to buy them – the difference is that they want to collect information and decide what to buy.

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