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A video stream is basically a series of moving images that are sent over the Internet in compressed form and viewed by the user when the user arrives. A media stream is just a video stream with audio capabilities. With media streams or video streams, network users no longer have to wait for the entire file to download to see the video or hear the sound. The media is sent through a continuous stream and can be played when it arrives. The user only needs one player or some special program that will decompress and send the video data to the display and send the audio data to the speaker. The player can be part of the user's browser or it must be software that must be downloaded from the website.

Some of the major media streaming and video streaming technologies will include Microsoft Windows Media Technologies, RealNystem's RealNystem and VDO. The method used by Microsoft uses standard video MPEG compression algorithms, while other methods use proprietary algorithms.

Video streams are usually sent through some pre-recorded video files, but can be distributed as part of a live feed. During live broadcast, the video signal is converted to a compressed digital signal and then sent from a special web server capable of multicasting because they simultaneously send the same file to multiple users.

The media stream will be video and audio, which are transmitted over the Internet in a continuous manner using packets. In order to receive media streams most efficiently and successfully, a broadband technology such as a DSL or cable modem is needed.

Streaming is audio and video that is transmitted over the Internet in a streaming or continuous manner using packets. The most efficient reception of streaming media requires some form of broadband technology, such as cable modem or DSL.

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