Video trends of 2018

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As marketers find more innovative ways to engage their audience, video is still a meaningful part of strategic dialogue. Build relationships with your customers and stakeholders, describe your brand story or highlight your USP in a crowded market – video can create a miracle for your business!

Do you know that more than 50% of marketing professionals worldwide name videos as the type of content with the best return on investment? This number is increasing due to the effectiveness of the video and the ability to grab the eye.

With the increase in Internet bandwidth, affordable video technology and a secure distribution platform on hand, 2018 will be a fun year for video!

Let's take a look at some of the video trends that we will definitely encounter in the coming months:

The era of live video

Live video still exists due to better internet connectivity, higher mobile penetration and easy-to-use tools and applications. Real-time video helps companies get in touch with their target audience. Live video can make the event truly global without additional distribution costs. Live video can also help you monetize. Statistics show that about 45% of live video viewers are ready to pay for real-time, exclusive, on-demand video if they are right for them.

Stream, host, analyze and stream more

Choosing the cheapest or most popular live streaming video platform is not that much, but the platform that has the attributes that are most beneficial to your business. The most effective and convenient platform will be all-encompassing, allowing you to broadcast, host, embed, monetize, search and analyze video content while giving you complete control over your content. With video streaming applications and online platform competition to attract your attention – you will usher in exciting moments!

Virtual reality may soon become a reality

Virtual reality is still an untapped area. It is more interesting than business! With affordable headsets, you can access the virtual 3D world in 360 degrees – for marketers, the next year will be an exciting experience for people who use these technologies to build immersive and interactive customer interfaces. We hope to design an excellent marketing strategy around VR in 2018.

Marketing hologram? Yes, it is happening

When technology is put into use, we are fascinated by holograms. Artists can easily use it as an alternative medium to canvas. But it is still being fully utilized as an effective communication medium, especially due to the daunting technology here. However, holographic video provides an immune range for multi-location telepresence through realistic 3D images of speakers and products. Will 2018 provide us with a communication strategy around holographic images and video weaving? Let our fingers cross!

Video mapping is changing the customer experience

A great tool for experiential marketing – The video graphics boom is expected to rise in the coming years. The technology is reasonably priced, providing companies with the space to reach a larger target audience at a lower cost. Using available planes such as buildings or monuments, 3D projection can convey the right message very impressively. It is bigger than life predictions, ensuring that people don't miss your message.

Next level personalized video

A good way to break the inbox and make a real impact is to customize the video for your target audience. As Facebook leads the way, personalized video is what your audience wants you to offer. From the messages your customers record to the interpreter videos with specific services, even simpler birthday wishes ' – Make sure your communication strategy is not targeted at faceless people! Thanks to machine learning, personalization and embedded search are now the main content of your video.

User/customer is becoming a content publisher

The responsibility for creating videos is quickly shifting from producer to user. With fast-moving mobile technology, video is easier to create than ever before. Here, brands are turning to their audience to share their products and services, rather than their own communication. The attention span is drastically reduced. User-generated content is a great way to engage viewers in marketing activities. The focus is on building experience and connections. Make your audience an active creator of your brand value through the passive receiver of the message.

Video is on the way to ruling digital marketing

Today, more consumers and customers are interacting with the video. Video marketing is a powerful strategy to promote, brand and grow your business online. Video helps build interactions that affect clickthrough rates, stocks, leads, and sales. 55% of online traffic is watched daily.

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