VIDEO WORKSHOP – Grow Your Business with Video and Social Media

VIDEO WORKSHOP - Grow Your Business with Video and Social Media
HALF DAY VIDEO WORKSHOP on the Sunshine Coast Maximum of 20 people per workshop.                          ...Tickets selling fast   Video is one of the most valuable tools you can learn for growing your business today. It helps you to educate your clients and market your business 24/7. It enables you to be a global business from your laptop. Video empowers you to communicate your message faster than anything else out there. Don't underestimate what a video can do for your business! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS WORKSHOP:    Learn how to shoot and light your videos properly to make them more professional. Learn how to create your first video blogs and marketing videos, including the process you need to make sure people are engaging with your videos. Plan your first 5 video blogs (and learn why they are so important in your marketing). Learn how to advertise with your videos on Facebook to reach a targeted audience. Get our gear list and iPhone editing training so you have the tools to start with now. Learn confidence tricks for being on camera & how to make sure you look your best. TESTIMONIALS:  “Girl Director are the Video Gurus that have enabled me to realize my video dreams... I encourage you to get on your board and start paddling... and ride this video wave!” Helen Sweeney, Diva Transformations, Blue Mountains, NSW "Thanks Rachel, your support and Michael's has been great. Everything you said and more." Fatima Ingles, Freedom Fit, Adelaide, SA "Through you so much has now become possible." Robert Munden, Noosa, QLD "We have just hit 150 members yesterday. So excited. Thank you so much in your part in that." Mary Wong, Brisbane, QLD

at Mooloolaba Surf Club
12 Mooloolaba Esplanade
Mooloolaba, Australia



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