VINTAGE VALATIE: The Guy Gamello Collection

VINTAGE VALATIE: The Guy Gamello Collection
The Village of Valatie in cooperation with the Columbia County Historical Society is proud to exhibit recent prints created from the generous gift of Guy Gamello's antique glass negatives archived in the permanent collection of the Columbia County Historical Society.

**Free and Open to the Public** The village collection continues on exhibition and is open for viewing:
Monday – Thursday during Village Office Hours (9am-3pm)

Visit the village collection of inkjet prints of early Valatie! Dating from about 1910, the twenty-two photos in this exhibit were originally recorded on 4­ x ­5­ inch silver and glass plate negatives for L. Frank Fowler, purveyor of newspapers in a shop on the village Main Street.

Many of these images were widely published by offset lithography as colorized postcards early in the last century, and are now within the public domain; several postcard-examples are preserved in Valatie’s Paul R. Johann Local History Archive.

During the first decades of the nineteenth century, a new method for documenting our physical world was born. Popular and commercial use of the photograph neatly dovetailed with Valatie's status as the center of business in Northern Columbia County, New York.

The silver and glass negatives employed here offer the very precise impressions recorded over a century ago; these extraordinary surviving images provide a remarkable glimpse into a vanished past, while also underscoring constants of geographical and architectural landmarks. The resulting modern prints afford us an intellectual voyeurism, a peep into an earlier era, each with an historical moment preserved for present and future generations.

Village historian Dominick Lizzi identified the subjects of each image.

Enjoy the exhibition, VINTAGE VALATIE, and stay in our village for lunch. Snap some pictures of our fabulous waterfalls, and shop at the eclectic mix of stores on our charming and historic Main Street.

Parking and Restroom facilities are available.

Free and open to the public

Monday – Thursday during Village Office Hours (9am-3pm)

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For more information about the exhibition
VINTAGE VALATIE: The Guy Gamello Collection
contact Barbara Fischer:
or call 518.758.9806
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The Village of Valatie's collection of early Valatie photographic prints from the archived glass negatives in the Columbia County Historical Society are scanned, printed and presented by the Village of Valatie, exclusive copyright holder of the collection of images,

at Martin H. Glynn Municipal Building
3211 Church Street
Valatie, United States

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