Virtual call center solves outsourcing problems

2019-05-16 Business No comment

The trend of outsourcing inbound and outbound contact centers over the past few years has become a billion-dollar industry, but the main problem here is that companies are increasingly accepting the transfer of their outsourced contact centers overseas. A large number of Filipino English talents, Indian technical expertise and a very low-cost Chinese workforce have proven to be worthy of management decisions in many industries.

Even if the government itself has begun to outsource a large number of public service lines to outsourcing companies, there is no need to discuss the advantages of outsourcing contact centers. The main discussion now is how to manage the cost of outsourcing business in terms of technology while maintaining the quality control level of personnel.

Outsourcing companies often have the technology to achieve this goal. The price of telecommunications hardware and equipment has been a major financial issue for most contact centers, especially outsourcing centers.

There are also issues of connectivity, IPL reliability, and proximity to skilled workers. Positioning contact centers in high-skilled areas can reduce the impact of cheap labor by increasing the additional cost of office maintenance and wage competitiveness.

If such a technology can send a contact center queue to any place in the world or even a mobile phone at any time, can it solve the problem? For some people, it will. If there is such a technology, and if the agent works remotely from the contact center itself, will it solve these problems? Maybe it is. If the technology still allows you to manage agent skill routes, real-time queue management, real-time quality control monitoring and call recording? Will this reduce the loss of quality control? probably.


If the extra budget due to the reduction of complex hardware and physical offices is used for US quality voice instead of VoIP IPL? Will this make the phone quality better? most likely.

Finally, virtual contact center technology creates as many problems as possible. It solves many problems but creates new ones. But when outsourcing is still a baby, are these factors the same problem? When the company decides to virtualize, are these problems the same? History has proven that it may not be for everyone, but if it suits you. The impact on your business is huge.

This technology is already here. It is ready to enter and leave the world from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Real-time monitoring and management anywhere in the world. The real problem is. Will your business model benefit from having such technology?

I guess it will.

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