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Faced with the ever-changing world of technological sophistication and virtual media innovation, the distance between teams, companies and institutions is well connected through current communication methods, including the broad advantages of teleconferencing. For some global companies, the need to hold meetings and keep in touch is still there, and to achieve this goal, a profitable solution must be provided. Unlike before, it is impractical to require meetings to require colleagues from the farthest corners of the terrain. Today, business activities do not need to be hindered by physical distance and global reach.

As the company has grown internationally, mergers and stock returns have improved significantly, even in large-scale environments. The emergence of online workplaces is more advantageous than regular workplaces as companies require ongoing management passion and regularity. While actual meetings are no longer as important as virtual meetings, teleconferencing still requires labor and requires team leaders to effectively manage teleconferencing operations. For best results, the following rules must be established.

· Set up online meetings and video conference calls frequently. The presence of managers and junior colleges in regular meetings not only promotes mutual adaptation, but also allows for upcoming planning and review of current business status.

· If companies can properly assess and evaluate the progress of their operations, they can only make effective adjustments. Hear the opinions of team members and give value to the comments they give.

• The virtual business meeting that is drawn out can become tedious, which is why time must be fully utilized and everyone's focus must be on the meeting. During the meeting, employees did not have much task so that they could participate effectively.

· If you need to consider issues of a nature, arrange a personal conference call to keep the interaction more personal. Subtle issues must be dealt with accordingly, but the privacy of the people involved must also be respected the highest.

• Trying to do a lot of reporting in a stressful environment and running after the deadline is inevitable for different companies. Stopping the monotony of busy workdays and organizing international conference calls for face-to-face meetings every year will definitely bring great benefits to the company. Most importantly, employees who are employed 24/7 can provide their business proficiency and skills. 39; growth.

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