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The term ‘spyware’ was used for the first time publicly in October 1995. Spyware is intriguing spam and viruses for the top place on IT worry lists. Spyware poses considerable threats to enterprise networks and hence remedy as well as countermeasures is now being regarded as critical to network security. Once spyware invades a computer, its target is to spy upon the computer user or to redirect or force the user to visit an affiliate web site. The secondary and equally important target for spyware is to escape detection, so that it can continue its basal mission. The most direct form of spyware is usually used to have access to your personal information that can be used either to obtain passwords–to access private accounts–or information for identity theft.
You might think you are immune to spyware, but thousands of people fall into its trap every day. Like the common cold silently sifts among the masses unknown to them, so do worms, Trojans, spyware and the vast slide of other infectious malware that alters the everyday software landscape and plague your system. The invasion of spyware is due to several reasons which are:

 Installation of unknown toolbars may contribute towards the installation of spyware in the system.
 User’s click on suspicious links on e-mails may lead to the installation of spyware.
 Installation of spyware in the system may be because of installation of pirated software.
 Downloading any multimedia files from file sharing sites also contribute to the installation of spyware in the system.
 Watching or downloading free or pirated multimedia files including music and videos may be responsible for the installation of spyware in the system.
As we know spyware proves to be damaging software for the system. Some of the damages it gives to the computer system are as under:

 Spyware almost eats up the processor and RAM.
 It invades the privacy of the users.
 It may lead to the theft of personal data of the user.
 Due to spyware, performance of computer gets degraded.
 Increased vulnerability of the system may be one of the damages provided by the spyware.
Due to spyware invasion, the computer faces several damages and transfers the knowledge of these damages to the users through certain symptoms that are pointed out as under:

 Slow browser.
 Issues on internet connectivity.
 Changes into firewall settings.
 Decreased performance of the computer system.
 Memory crash.
 Increased loading time to load any application.
 Changes in E-mail settings.

Best rated anti-spyware assists keep you safe from hazardous spyware that can lead your computer being severely affected, along with your identity, and threatens the security of what you value the most. Your prime requisite is spyware protection because spyware is created by the hackers and cybercriminals and can scatter via infected email attachments, shared files or malicious sites.
The diversity of existent antispyware programs makes it quite tough to choose the one that suits you best. The role of the unsurpassable antispyware software is to restrict hackers from virtually spying on you. This software makes it simple to schedule and customize spyware scans or run scans on demand. The features of the software are discussed as under:

 Best rated antispyware software easy to use and user friendly.
 Best free spyware removal software has automated advanced features so as to remove the spyware from the corrupted system.
 This software offers daily updates to the users.
 It also offers free customer support.
 It detects, blocks and removes the spyware attacked data from the system.
Best rated anti-spyware renders a complete, integrated malware protection solution for your network that protects your server and client computers from the many forms of malware comprising spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, spybots, and tracking threats.

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