Visual Art – as old as civilization

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As long as people are alive, he will observe the beauty and beauty of life. In our view, creation and change are innate, and this has been proven in all ages. Even the cave man rebuilt his vision and told a story through the stone wall.

All art is communication! The artist creates his/her vision through any artistic outlets such as painting, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design or film production.

This is any art we see! Natural landscapes are powerful tools for artists to use through time. We seem to want to recreate what we are looking at while changing it to incorporate our own nuances and features.

Art is not limited to painting, painting, sculpture, etc. There is also the visual art of life, such as the bonsai tree meticulously shaping or creating the next beautiful blend of roses. We start with incredibly gorgeous vintage roses, and now we usually have hundreds of roses of different sizes, colors and aromas.

Dance, figure skating, gymnastics, ballet, and even performance are also considered visual art forms.

You are basically doing something you have done before, or something in your life, and creating it by changing or adding your own character. All imagination is!

In the 20th century alone, we created new forms of art, such as Art Nouveau, pop art, ethnic art and more. The theme of art is so great that there is no creative ceiling, which is why this theme is so incredibly interesting.

As long as human beings exist, we will find a way to create new and interesting things. After all, we are doing this in essence!

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