Voice modulation: how to improve it in public speaking

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Public speaking is considered by many to be the most difficult and challenging thing. It may be easier to express your thoughts in front of 2 or 3 people, but speaking in front of a large audience and knowing that they are all together to listen to you may bring goose bumps to many of us.

In public speaking, your voice and your body language play a vital role. In this article, let's talk about "sound." It's important to understand voice control and understand how to adjust it. It has some important components. they are:

  1. pace: The pace is the speed of your speech. Your rhythm should be understandable to your audience. You may have to change the speed from slow to fast and vice versa, but in any case it should be good for the listener. Talking too fast is a mistake in public speaking. Keep the rhythm slower than we did in one-on-one conversations. Pause some important things. This will help the audience fully absorb what you are saying.
  2. volume: Your volume should be large enough so that your audience can hear you clearly, but loudly doesn't mean shouting. You can also see the volume of your presentation and your audience will adjust the same volume. Key words or keywords to improve your voice is good [don't shout]. When you are loud, you sound clear and strong.
  3. asphalt: As you go deeper, you will gain more depth. Try not to over-emphasize your vocal cords. Adapt to your tone. Practice increasing the pitch from the mouth to the vocal cords. In public speaking, it is recommended to keep your tone low, because sharp sounds can be annoying. Even when you speak passionately, keep balance.
  4. Turning point: It means linking words to feelings through the ups and downs of words. Your feelings give you words, you adjust your voice according to your own feelings.

In addition to these things, you must concentrate on removing "hmm". And ' uhs' From your speech, these break the audience's attention and may also have a negative impact on you.

Some letters [such as ' p' and '] and words need to be practiced more because they may not be clear when using a microphone.

So please speak slowly, confidently, and clearly, and send it according to the correct information you wish to pass. Play on the stage.

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