Warm days in September, cool nights – perfect autumn gardening weather

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September can bring occasional hot summers to southern California, but the mild day and night are ideal for growing in the autumn garden.

Planting vegetables from seeds: from

 Spring grown vegetables can be sown in the fall. These include beans, broccoli, carrots, broccoli, beets, kale, lettuce, peas, potatoes and radishes.

Groom your garden: from

Now, most summer seasons start to get rough. If your garden has bare spots, fill them with cool seasonal flowers. Remove dead plants, loosen the soil, and add horticultural planting mixture. Plants that perform well in autumn are pansies, calendula, chrysanthemum, foxglove, snapdragon and sable. After planting, add a cover about one inch from the stem of the plant. Mulch will protect plants from the damage caused by frost later this year.

Let the rose bloom: from

 Roses can bloom in the fall of southern California. Prepare for new growth in September by removing dead flowers and seed pods. Do some light trimming to shape the bushes. New breeding is expected in October or early November.

Trim hedges and shrubs: from

Throughout the summer, hedges and shrubs are growing rapidly. Until now, they may have lost their shape. Reshape by cutting loose rods and trimming sides and tops. This will encourage new growth before the winter. Do not remove the growth inside the shrub. Compacted plants protect themselves from frost.

Add a spring color surprise light bulb: from

 Add a light bulb to your garden and see what spring will pop up. Plant the best plant bulbs in warm weather, including calla, Dutch iris, freesia and spikelets. These perennial light bulbs will continue to return year after year. Unlike other types of bulbs that must be dug and refrigerated, these bulbs can be left underground.

Keep the potted plants moist: from

Outdoor potted plants require more water than underground plants. They may need to water every day, especially if the Santa Ana wind begins in September. These strong winds can dry the potted plants within a few hours. Add a fresh cover to the pot to help retain moisture.

Trim the fig tree after harvesting all the fruits: from

 The fig tree produces a lot of fruit. If you want to trim these fast-growing trees, wait until you harvest all the fruits [usually in the early fall]. Figs develop on new limb growth, so if you wait too long to trim, the fig will not grow.


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