1. aaron forth aaron forth

    cool vectoring thrust to fix the wing rudder issue

  2. dreamcatcherdvds dreamcatcherdvds

    3D printing is the way to build, what a awesome jet. We are building a 12 ft flying wing the old school way. I wish we had the money for a 3D printer. This morning I was sanding the plug for the composite fuselage. Hope to have it flying at the end of the year. Great job guys.

  3. MichaelTV44 MichaelTV44

    Hey everyone we made this really cool thing but we're not going to show you it doing that really cool thing.

  4. Ásgeir Loftsson Ásgeir Loftsson

    i love rc hobby also.

  5. Jonathon Brown Jonathon Brown

    it's not the first 3d printed jet powered rc plane but it may be the fastest

  6. guesswho kk guesswho kk

    It a prototype, solely to test out it 3D printing capability and not intended for use in the field (so to speak).

  7. Vince O Vince O

    Was that thrust vectoring with 3D printed flaps I saw? How do they not melt?

  8. Aero FPV Aero FPV

    I hope it works out guys. Great concept ☺

  9. Tony Greco Tony Greco

    wish i had one!!!

  10. Ivan Matz Ivan Matz

    Is it me or did it have thrust vectoring?

  11. Shameel Kv Shameel Kv

    is there any tutorial how to make this

  12. Piotr Lenarczyk Piotr Lenarczyk

    Cool stuff. Designing jet UAV with turning wings on 2D truss ( inflexing made with nylon lines ) and tank cased should be a good idea. Wing in shape of +-PDF skewness and crossbeamed ( note that in standard UAV will be thrust vectored ). God bless you.


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