Watch World’s First Jet-Powered, 3D Printed UAV Top 150 Mph!

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    • avatar aaron forth 1

      cool vectoring thrust to fix the wing rudder issue

      • avatar dreamcatcherdvds 1

        3D printing is the way to build, what a awesome jet. We are building a 12 ft flying wing the old school way. I wish we had the money for a 3D printer. This morning I was sanding the plug for the composite fuselage. Hope to have it flying at the end of the year. Great job guys.

        • avatar MichaelTV44 1

          Hey everyone we made this really cool thing but we're not going to show you it doing that really cool thing.

          • avatar Ásgeir Loftsson 2

            i love rc hobby also.

            • avatar Jonathon Brown 1

              it's not the first 3d printed jet powered rc plane but it may be the fastest

              • avatar guesswho kk 1

                It a prototype, solely to test out it 3D printing capability and not intended for use in the field (so to speak).

                • avatar Vince O 1

                  Was that thrust vectoring with 3D printed flaps I saw? How do they not melt?

                  • avatar Aero FPV 1

                    I hope it works out guys. Great concept ☺

                    • avatar Tony Greco 2

                      wish i had one!!!

                      • avatar Ivan Matz 1

                        Is it me or did it have thrust vectoring?

                        • avatar Shameel Kv 1

                          is there any tutorial how to make this

                          • avatar Piotr Lenarczyk 2

                            Cool stuff. Designing jet UAV with turning wings on 2D truss ( inflexing made with nylon lines ) and tank cased should be a good idea. Wing in shape of +-PDF skewness and crossbeamed ( note that in standard UAV will be thrust vectored ). God bless you.