We Are Thomasse – Sketch Comedy Live at the Second City

We Are Thomasse - Sketch Comedy Live at the Second City
We Are Thomasse is continuing their spring/summer residency at The Second City Hollywood! The real life married duo will be performing on the third Tuesday of the month in June and July at their favorite LA venue!

Join us on June 20th at 8pm for a night of hilarious sketch comedy and non-stop laughs! Tix only . Ticketing link above. (...And then join us again for our final show on July 18th!)

We Are Thomasse is comprised of Nick Afka Thomas (the Brit) and Sarah Ann Masse (The American). They're known for delivering funny, fresh, high-energy sketches, covering everything from an Empathetic Mugger to the Proper Way to Have Sex. Family friendly for kids over 12!

With their unique brand of clean but twisted British-American humo(u)r, they have been compared to Monty Python on the one hand, Nichols & May on the other, and Key & Peele on that always useful third hand. A big hit in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London, playing venues such as UCB, The PIT, iO West and the Leicester Square Theatre, We Are Thomasse is excited to be back at Second City Hollywood with some brand new sketches.

at Second City Studio Theatre
6560 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, United States



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