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    • avatar Jeff Mendoza 1

      I know this is timelapse. How did you make the playback look so smooth?

      • avatar Jovan Petrovic 1

        more like made for money xD

        • avatar Frans Hanekom 1

          Cool! Why not use Adobe Illustrator to draw up all the graphics and buttons? It will speed us your design process and can be imported as smart objects to retain quality in Photoshop.

          • avatar Nadestraight Designs 1

            There's so many things wrong with this… Please, use smart guides, your text 'Portfolio' is off centre within the box and just looks amateur. You've used curved box buttons and straight box buttons within the same design, that's just a huge no. Your margins and line spacing is so off my OCD is killing me. Don't get me wrong, the majority looks nice at first glance, but once you notice one small mistake, they just pop up everywhere.

            • avatar BeggtarFilms 1

              Sorry but no. design is good but the way the meet the team section is laid out and thenbrighy red used in the meet the team is ugly and it burns my eyes. 7/10

              • avatar Fullstack Devs 1

                hey guys im a fullstack web development channel. give me a look if you don't mind ? maybe subscribe if you enjoy what you see, more videos coming soon with better audio

                • avatar Fullstack Devs 1

                  i love your style it is awesome

                  • avatar Peter Bou Saada 1

                    i wish i was nearly as good as this. give me any psd file and i can make it into code and i also do backend but tell me to come up with a design i suck lol

                    • avatar manick bay 1

                      This is dope loving it so far.

                      • avatar DinoGirl 55 2

                        What website is this?

                        • avatar Ploro Grafik 1

                          çok güzel daha fazla gelsin

                          • avatar ajr13 2

                            awesome man

                            • avatar Twardy Kanał 1

                              Amazing desing.

                              • avatar Ogbonna Eneje 1

                                This is Amazing

                                • avatar PRIVAT - Jann E. 1


                                  • avatar WD Flat 1


                                    • avatar HosonoDesign 1

                                      Nice design, good job!

                                      • avatar Josh Dryden 2

                                        Vert clean and unique I like your style :)