1. Programming Standards Programming Standards

    I have a new, updated, extremely short version of this video on my page, go check it out !!

  2. Gifted Fingers Gifted Fingers

    Gravit designer is a good/ free image editor

  3. Justin Chan Justin Chan

    Is this aimed for people wanting to have web developer as they full time job?

  4. A. W. A. W.

    Excellent overview. I watched the whole thing and found it to be very informative and kept my interest the entire time. THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO MAKE THIS VIDEO.

  5. Design Square Design Square

    I'm a C# developer and WHENEVER I try to go into PHP—- I just UHHHH the syntax!!! SO funny

  6. Jabinator1 Jabinator1

    if you're a professional coder working for a high end company, you earn a ton of money. sometimes a 4 page website would cost $10,000 depending on how hard it'd to be code.

  7. Roy A Roy A

    …why wouldnt a language like c# be mentioned here as an option for server side programming? I mostly work with c# and am trying to expand my knowledge.

  8. subin samrat subin samrat

    This is the video thst i am looking for past 3 months………….THANK YOU …………. u r the best in the world

  9. Calvin P Calvin P

    Right on point with the content mate. Good work!

  10. Skatezar Skatezar

    Amazing video, helps a lot!

  11. Kunnal Sharma Kunnal Sharma

    sir, I want to know how much time is required on average to become a full stack developer. Please reply

  12. A. W. A. W.

    QUESTION – i AM AN OLD-SCHOOL WEB DESIGNER. Haven't built a web site in years. I learned to code in HTML, XML, and PHP –
    I use DreamWeaver 4.0 QUESTION – what is the coding language used most today for web design, and is DreamWeaver still a good web site building tool?

  13. Angel 007 Angel 007

    great video :D, thanks for sharing your knowledge

  14. Yaman Arslanca Yaman Arslanca

    is it normal that i started learning html and css like 3 days ago ( from the internet, codeacademy if i need to be more precise) and then i started for a little project, a little blog page maybe but i stuck so often then i go back to searching for solution, i have the ideas but i just cant make it happen on computer, its frustrating sometimes.

  15. crazybigyo crazybigyo

    wow, thank you!

  16. Tom Johnston Tom Johnston

    Super handy. Thanks a lot for this.

  17. Dante Nero Dante Nero

    "Internet Explorer GOD BLESS you " it really crank me up 😂😂😂

  18. Sean Clancy Sean Clancy

    Man… I kinda disagree with the idea that you need to learn HTML/CSS first, I see his point, and I definitely agree that they need to be learned, But Java Script (especially ES6) is increasingly becoming the backbone of the web, and if you can't hack that, then there's no point in learning markup because you aren't going to make it in the industry. So I would start with Java Script, and make sure that it's the right choice for you.

  19. ADrew ADrew

    very helpful. Thank you!


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