1. tHALIS ThoR tHALIS ThoR

    Back End but front end is also cool

  2. Marc Kirk Marc Kirk

    Everything will be web based eventually so you need to get on the curve. Keep learning traditional CS but understand front and back end. That way you equipped for the future. HTML, JS, CSS can all be learned as you go. Look up tags etc everyday as needed but dont loose track of CS. Also. Dont get lost for days in stupid CSS grid layout BS. It will drive you crackers.

  3. mhsamsim mhsamsim

    I feel like you completely misunderstood this question, to me it seemed the person was asking to choose web development (front or back) vs software development as in C++/C code for either embedded or OS driving software.

  4. Santiago Ossa Santiago Ossa

    Thank you dearly

  5. thomas grice thomas grice

    Imo, frontend, both in functionality and in architecture, has become more and more sophisticated over the years. I think there are valid reasons to want to do either (or both), and at this point you can find a lot of depth and problem solving in either.

  6. Trevor Jones Trevor Jones

    Biased opinion is biased lol. "Crud type of stuff" Classy.

  7. Sergio Felix Sergio Felix

    where can I get that shirt I cant find it on the online express store

  8. Emre Özkardeşler Emre Özkardeşler

    Thanks a lot

  9. Schrodinger's Cat Schrodinger's Cat

    i can make a game on RPG Maker 2000. is that front end or back end?

  10. Jukka Paulin Jukka Paulin

    No particular preference. Doing currently frontend, React Native. Your messages resonates. Front-end development has the initial highs, probably due to very visual and immediate nature of things. Where the challenge comes, IMHO, is seeing the patterns and making stuff that you know and can reuse.

  11. NomanAbidVlogs NomanAbidVlogs

    Software Development 🙂

  12. Multiservicios Erwin Multiservicios Erwin

    hola amigo yo soy desarrodador de software (desktop) and I work on my own, I use visual basic and C#

  13. Wop wop Wop wop

    the web is getting more and more powerful everyday. take Google maps for example. take Microsoft One Drive and Google Drive for example (with doc and Excel functionality on the web). an average user can surive with only web apps and no software (beside the web browser, of course). I highly doubt anyone can survive a day without using a web app.

  14. Youra Wayke Youra Wayke

    Nobody specialises because there are no more special or vastly talented coders left they all went into the industrial based or work in areas that don't pay that well the pool is small and filled with shit-stains who write for thieving corps creating self obsoleting code to generate revenue, CURRENTLY WRITING CODE IS A WASTE OF HUMAN SPACE AND ELECTICAL ENERGY DUE TO THE INTENTIAL POOR USE OF THE LANGUAGES OR OVER USE OF AGC.

  15. Steve D Steve D

    News flash: Websites ARE software. Javascript IS software. lol

    Website vs DESKTOP would make more sense here.

    This idea that a website is not software is just plain silly.

  16. Abdul Razique Abdul Razique

    Actually programming is an addiction, programmer knows why m saying this.

    On debugging if a programmer gets an error and is little complecated to solve then they takes it as a challenge, no matter what time it takes, and the satisfaction after fixing the bugs are amazing. Only if a person have ability to take challenges may choose software development.

    On the other hand web development have two basic parts front-end and back end. And somone haveing creativity to think new ideas and also have good knowledge of colour combination may choose UI/UX designing as well as a software programmer can also go for back end web programming stream.

    But in both profession you must always have ability to upgrade yourself for the latest technology and also be prepared to adopt new environment.

    It's my thought, you can go with your will.

    Best of luck

  17. Akhil Vatsa Akhil Vatsa

    Getting the slow joint high vs the sudden hard high

  18. Unbox Zone Unbox Zone

    which line to choose from web application vs app development(ios & andriod)…i mean wich makes more money?

  19. Beeblebrox Beeblebrox

    If anyone thinks Web development is easy: The number of things you have to take into account is fucking IMMENSE.
    You are wrong if you can be decent by putting some garbage html/css pages together. I'm talking about real world web apps. All the networking, security, optimization, UI, database normalization, linux terminal commands. Because you know… it's the fucking whole world wide web. The next time you think you're cool just because you write some shitty C++ code in your compiler, remember that all the apps people use are on the web, and even Progressive Web Apps are replacing native apps.

  20. Nafis Rahman Nafis Rahman

    I like front end but DEFINITELY prefer back end. currently i work on both as a full stack c# developer which works out great for me


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