Website Link Popularity: One Link Is One Contact, Thousand Links Are Thousand Contacts

Why do I write about website link popularity, SEO, link popularity tools and things like that? Well, because I checked my visitor stats this morning and what a …!

Most of the targeted traffic came through a software, which I used some time ago. This woke me up and I started to look my internet business from the angle of links. What the links really mean?

My answer was very simple: website link popularity means that the site has contacts, i.e. business contacts with other sites in the internet business.

I have marketed my internet business over 3 years using majorily long term strategies, like SEO by optimized articles, optimized blog posts, writing new pages to my site and participating forums.

Most of these actions have the same target: to bring more targeted traffic to my site, rather repeatedly. And even further: by link building to increase my site`s link popularity.

I underline this: my website link popularity is EXTREMELY important. It does not matter what do I think: search engine ranking, the amount of site visitors, residual traffic, targeted traffic or what.

So I wrote this article about my experiences, because I was so happy with the results.

1.The Useful, Original, Personal and Fresh Site Content.

A quality content is the best link popularity tool. Some affiliate marketers say that it works so slowly, but I do not agree. A good content works immediately. Okay, in case that your site has zero visitors, it doesn`t, but that is quite exceptional.

The power of quality content in link popularity comes from the fact that happy visitrs come again and recommend the site to many others.

2.Link Building By Website Directories.

You can do this manually or by a software. However I highly recommend that you use some link popularity tool, a software which does the submission.

These links work in the short- and long term: once done, they do the work for you.

3.Reciprocal Link Building.

There are lots of information that reciprocal links or link exchange doesn`t work effectively. I think this means majorily the search engine ranking, because reciprocal links bring huge traffic. I see it every day from my stats.

4.Link Popularity With The Article Directories.

Internet marketing is a numbers game, ie. We need lots of visitors to become successful. That is also the target of every link building campaign.

By writing optimized articles it is possible to increase website link popularity, especially if these articles are submitted to directories with an effective submission service, which will distribute them widely all over the Net.

5.Internet Marketing Forums And Bookmarking.

Forums bring targeted traffic, but the participation requires lots of regular posts. We can always ask the reader to bookmark our article or page, which will mean that later he will visit our page again.

I see these tactics as additional ways, because the volume of links will in all cases be low.

In the end of the day, the site content is the most effective way to increase website link popularity and build a solid traffic.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Links Means Popularity To Your Site. That Is Why You Must Increase Your Website Link Popularity. Get Useful Tips From My Internet Business Site.

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