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Search engine optimization is a very slow process with a very slow process, and it takes a lot of time to rank higher on search engines. There are many other tricks for getting traffic, and another trick is called backlinks. We can also get traffic from large social networks like Facebook, Twitter and many others. In fact, when people make their website and it runs in search engine optimization and it doesn't get traffic, they feel uncomfortable because they created websites and their websites on the site without any response from search engines. Keep in mind that only 2% of people in the world are successful in the area of ​​search engine optimization, and 98% of them fail.

They update the site every day without getting any traffic, and they get very angry. In fact, let me tell you my ego, I am making my website every day and updating it every day. I got everything done, I was confused that I didn't get any traffic, and then my website was getting higher and higher in a few months. From a social network, one can get fast traffic.

This is one of the best ways to get traffic quickly. If you want to be successful, if you want permanent traffic, then you must use a backlink. I suggest you use ten backlinks every day because you will get a response. Another problem is that site owners never use ping sites on pings or many other sites. Pinging a site is like the foundation of a building. If the base is not strong, the process of the building is the same as the website. If someone wants to get high traffic every day, then it is necessary to ping the website using pingle dot com ping website.

I suggest you if you don't get traffic just to be patient, because search engine optimization is one of the most important areas of website marketing. SEO does nothing for you. No one can do this. This is my bet, because if you use PPC [press Pay-per-click is very expensive. Ordinary people can't use PPC. If you use social networks, then its traffic is not permanent traffic, it's a fast traffic. SEO, PPC and social networking marketing and backlinking have many advantages. There are two types of backlinks that will be discussed in upcoming topics.

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