Welding hazards and the importance of PPE

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Welders must face many physical and chemical hazards that result in the need for personal protective equipment. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that their employees are well equipped and trained to deal with the risks of potential risks to their health. Here are some of the main dangers that welders must deal with:

Flying particles and sink

Particles and fumes generated during the welding operation can be dangerous when inhaled. Most welders are exposed to these fluids during processing, which is the main cause of welder breathing problems. Asthma, impaired lung function, chronic bronchitis and skin burns are some of the most common occupational health related problems. Proper use of safety clothing such as nomex overalls and protective equipment such as masks and gloves help prevent skin contact with flying objects and sinks.

Chemical exposure

Welding operators must handle chemicals such as metalworking fluids. Because these metalworking fluids are extremely hazardous and contain harmful contaminants, employees must take precautions to ensure safe work. Appropriate protective clothing such as boots, gloves, masks and welding overalls can help workers protect the workplace from hazards.

Electric shock

The tools used in arc welding make it necessary for the operator to prevent electric shock. Electric shock is considered a common workplace hazard that is life threatening. This hazard mainly occurs when metal workers are exposed to two charged metals at the same time. Careful review of the workplace to detect potential shock risks can lead to a better working environment. Personal protective equipment can further improve safety conditions.

Fire and explosion

Arc welding can create high temperatures that can pose a potential risk of fire and explosion. Having said that, the real danger is not the arc, but the sparks, splashes and heat generated during the operation. Flammable materials should be removed from the workplace.

Lack of PPE

PPE plays a vital role in keeping welding operators safe from burns, injuries and exposure to arc radiation. Proper protective equipment and safety clothing not only allow workers to move freely, but also provide adequate protection against welding hazards. Welders are advised to use flame retardant cotton or nomex overalls. Workers who must face the dangers of a hazardous workplace should pay close attention to the safety information, procedures and safety data sheets provided by the manufacturer. It is advisable to consult a safety garment manufacturer to obtain tailored overalls, bib pants, gloves, outerwear and other necessary safety equipment for your job.

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