What do you want from the relationship of love?

I have the privilege of meeting many talented people. Through conversations with them, I was able to express some of my most complex and important ideas. I spoke to Linda last month. She holds a doctorate. In leadership and organization, is an educator and life and executive coach. As a professional, she has a wealth of experience, especially at a high level.

On this special day, she talked to me about interpersonal relationships. She asked me what a woman wanted. After I answered, she thought that this conversation was worth sharing with those who worked hard to build relationships. Part of the conversation is this:

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 In an intimate relationship, a woman should give a man something he wants. If she gives what he wants, this relationship is likely to work.

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 : How is this woman? How does a man give her what she wants? It is sometimes difficult to convey what a woman wants without him feeling that she wants to control the relationship, because there is no “one size fits all”.

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 : The same applies. The man should give her what she wants. This is effective if people tell each other what they want. This means you talk about your expectations and desires for relationships. If a woman tells me what she wants, I can let her know if I can give it to her. If I can't, I would rather say it first, not because she didn't get what she needed. If she lets me know, I can say no, I can't give you that. Or I can say that I don't want to give you that. If I can give it to her, I will know what I am doing, not because she feels that she has met my needs and is not satisfied.

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 : Of course, that is good communication.

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 : Yes. Exceptionally, many women believe that men should magically know what they want. She equates her concern with knowing what she wants without having to tell him anything. I heard that a woman said that she should know that this is a man's job and she should not tell him. If he doesn't know, she may believe that he didn't really enter her. Or he didn't pay attention to her. This is not a relationship. That is a nanny job.

At the same time, I also saw women say they only want men to have sex. After they know that person, they are like him. Then they claimed that the rules have changed because of the feelings involved. That could be very confusing.

If you don't think this person is just worth making love, then it's even better. When you do this, you present as follows. Later, when you change your mind, this person may still see your light. Presenting yourself as follows is a way to sell yourself. In addition, it also shows that your judgment is poor. People with poor judgment are not always suitable people.

Although I understand that most people don't know what they want, it's more powerful to say it in advance. Instead, I found that women don't know what they want. However, they pretend they did this. This may be exhausted because she is trying to make a mistake while walking in the dark. If you tell me you don't know what you want, I may still be interested in you. I will know to be patient. If you think about it, it can be said that most people have an understanding of what they want. They may be afraid to ask for it because they don't believe they will get it.

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 : So what do you want from a woman, Ted? Because every woman can name it based on so many things, variables, …, and it can be the same person with different stories.

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 : In the simplest way to express what I want, I will say three words – love, affection and recognition.


By acknowledging, I said that I want to be considered a person first. One way to admit that I am human is to respect me for making smart contributions. This needs to talk to me. Tell me who you are and what you want from life. In addition, it needs to listen. This means that you listened to me without disturbing me, because you believe that what you said is more important than what I said.

In addition, it needs to recognize my wishes. If you don't understand them, don't ignore them. ask questions.

In addition, whether it is a career, an individual or a hobby, don't rely on outsiders to provide advice for my intentions. Come and talk to me. If you don't like what I said, please let me know why. Before you feel depressed, please listen to where I am from. Just because you don't like it or don't understand it doesn't prove angry or disdainful. Learn to recognize my wisdom and understand my thoughts. Outsiders can't help you. Going to someone, not talking to me, is a way of not admitting me.

After I explained more about recognition, I went on to discuss the meaning of my love and affection. Needless to say, she found this conversation very insightful.

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