What does TOEFL speak 26-30 points mean?

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A common requirement of the healthcare industry is to provide TOEFL people with "good" speaking skills. But for those who are practicing TOEFL iBT speaking, what does “good” mean?

"Good" means that after completing six speaking tasks from 0 to 4, TOEFLERS scores 26-30 in the spoken section. The sum is converted to a scale score of 0 to 30. Except for the educational testing service, no one knows the exact way this conversion works, but it can be calculated that 26 out of 30 is 87% proficiency. Therefore, a score of 26 for all six speaking tasks can be broken down into a total of 20/24 points, which is also 87% proficiency. More specifically, students who want to score 26 or more in the speaking section will need to score the following scores in all six speaking tasks to achieve 87% proficiency: 4 points, 4 points, 3 points, 3 points, 3 Points and 3 points, this is a total of 20/24 points.

Putting mathematics aside, ETS-certified test scorers can rate “good” based on evaluation criteria in three specific areas: delivery, language use, and theme development. Speaking rules will be discussed as they relate to two separate speaking tasks.

In order to score 4 points in an independent presentation, the speaker needs to have a good delivery. In other words, the response requires a good rhythm, no pauses or hesitation. The speaker needs to clearly pronounce vowels and consonants. In addition, the speaker needs to pronounce the syllables with words and use the appropriate pressure and tone patterns. Any minor problem that the speaker may have about pronunciation or tone does not affect his or her ability to understand. If the speaker does a good job in these areas, he/she will say it well.

In order to score 4 points in an independent presentation, the speaker also needs to have good control over his or her language use. For example, speakers need to use natural voice expressions and control basic and complex vocabulary and grammar. However, as long as these errors do not affect the meaning of the thoughts expressed, the speaker may have some minor lexical or grammatical errors.

Finally, in order to score 4 points in an independent presentation, the speaker needs to have a good theme development. First, the response must answer the questions asked. Second, the response needs to have the appropriate support details. Third, the response needs to be coordinated because there is an association between ideas.

In summary, when students have TOEFL iBT speaking practice, they should know the target speaking scores they want to achieve, and the level of academic speaking they need to achieve. They should get feedback from iBT experts so they can see what they need to do. What adjustments are made to improve their delivery, language usage and theme development.

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